Faharas is an open-content collaborative internet encyclopedia, a partnership between individuals and groups working to develop a public human knowledge resource. The project’s structure allows anyone connected to the internet to edit the content. Please be aware that nothing in this project is obliged to be reviewed by qualified experts to provide you with accredited, accurate, or complete information.

General Disclaimer

No Formal Peer Review

This does not mean that you won’t find valuable and accurate information at Faharas sites, but Faharas does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in them. The content of each article may have been recently edited or vandalized or altered by individuals whose opinions do not align with the scholarly texts in the fields related to the article. Note that most encyclopedias and references also contain disclaimers.

Editors and moderators of the Faharas site use special tools to monitor recent content changes and new content, but Faharas will not be able to review events and content, as writers and contributors may correct errors or participate in peer review, but they are not obliged to do so. Therefore, all information here does not always have any guarantees, and even articles that have been reviewed by assigned editors may be inappropriately modified shortly before you read them.

Contributors, administrators, or others related to Faharas are not responsible for the presence of any incorrect or defamatory information, nor for your use of the encyclopedia’s information or for the pages linked to it.

No Contract; Limited License

Please be aware that the information here is provided freely, and there is no contract between you and the users or administrators of this site or the servers hosting it, nor the individuals contributing to it, nor Faharas’s administrators, system operators, developers, sponsors, or any other parties involved in this project. They are not subject to your direct claims against them. You have a limited license to copy anything from this site, and this license does not imply or imply any contractual or non-contractual obligation on the part of Faharas or its agents or members or organizers or other users.

In relation to your use or modification of the information, there is no agreement or understanding between you and Faharas except according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

No Professional Advice

If you need professional advice (like medical, legal, financial, or risk management), please seek it from licensed or knowledgeable people in that field.


Each trademark, service mark, collective mark, design rights, and similar rights mentioned or used in Faharas articles is wholly owned by their owners. This does not mean that you are allowed to use them for any purpose other than the informational use similar to what the original authors of these articles in Faharas intended under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Faharas sites cannot grant endorsements from the owners of such rights or partnerships with them, nor can Faharas grant rights to use the protected materials except in accordance with the mentioned licenses. Your use of any of these materials or similar ones is at your own risk.

Disclaimer Regarding Surveys

By participating in a particular survey, you agree to transfer the information you provide to Faharas somewhere. The information we collect is for internal research purposes only and will not be publicly linked to your account, but we may share the results of this survey with the public in an aggregated or anonymous form.

Disclaimer of Risk

Use the Faharas site at your own risk. Please be aware that any information you find on Faharas.net may be incorrect, misleading, dangerous, unethical, or illegal.

Some information on Faharas may pose severe risks to readers who choose to apply and use this information in their private activities or recommend this information to be used by other parties.

No one involved with Faharas in any capacity can be responsible for your use of the information contained in Faharas or even the pages linked to Faharas.

Please take all necessary steps to ensure that the information you receive from Faharas is correct and verified. You can view the sources at the end of the article, and it is advisable to verify all the information you read in the article from external sources.

If the article contains suggestions about dangerous, illegal, or unethical activities, remember that anyone can post such information on Faharas sites. Therefore, some editors may not be qualified to provide you with complete information or to inform you of the appropriate safety precautions and other necessary procedures to prevent injury or harm to you, your property, or your reputation. If you need specific advice, such as medical, legal, financial, marital, or risk management advice, please seek out a certified or knowledgeable person in that field.

Faharas has not and will not review the content through peer review, as contributors and editors are the ones who correct errors or remove incorrect suggestions they encounter while browsing the article. However, there is no policy that obligates readers to do so; therefore, all information on this site does not have a guarantee for use for any purpose.

No consequential damages can be sought against Faharas (Faharas.net); as it is an encyclopedia for individuals formed to create educational, cultural, and informative materials licensed with a free license on the internet, and the information is provided to you for free, and there is no agreement between you and Faharas regarding your use, and this information is modified according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). No one in Faharas bears responsibility for changing, revising, modifying, or deleting information you may publish on the Faharas network or any of its associated projects.

In the end, do not rely on any information in Faharas without verifying it yourself.

Medical Disclaimer

Faharas sites do not offer medical advice
Faharas contains many articles on various medical topics, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that the content is accurate as there is no confirmation at all that any text mentioned or cited in these articles should be real, correct, or accurate. The vast majority of such materials may have been written partially or entirely by non-specialists. Even if the text mentioned about a treatment is accurate, it may not apply to you or your symptoms.

The medical information provided in Faharas, at best, is general in nature and cannot be a substitute for specialist medical advice (for example, a qualified doctor, nurse, pharmacist, laboratory technician, and others). Faharas Network is not a doctor.

No one from the contributors, system operators, developers, sponsors of Faharas, or anyone else connected with Faharas sites, bears any responsibility or consequences resulting from any attempt to use or rely on any information contained in this site.

Anything on Faharas site (faharas.net | faharas.site | faharas.com) or included as part of any project affiliated with Faharas Foundation, should not be interpreted as an attempt to offer or express medical opinion, nor is it an attempt to engage in the practice of medicine.

Legal Disclaimer

Faharas group of sites do not offer views or legal advice. Faharas contains many articles on legal topics, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that these articles are accurate as there is no assurance at all that any statement made in any article dealing with legal matters is real, correct, or accurate. Law varies from place to place, evolves over time, and sometimes this evolution is rapid. Even if a statement about the law is published, it may only be accurate in the jurisdiction of the person who posted the information, and the law may have changed, amended, or developed later after writing about it in Faharas.net.

The legal information outlined on Faharas Network is at best general in nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a licensed authority; that is, from a competent authority with specialized knowledge that can be applied in specific circumstances to your case. Please contact your local bar association, law society, or similar association for a referral to a legal expert if you do not have a means to contact a lawyer or an attorney or their equivalent.

Ordinary contributors, system operators, developers, sponsors of Faharas, or anyone associated with Faharas sites bear no responsibility or consequences for any attempt to use or adopt any information – even if misleading – provided on this site. Nor should anything on Faharas site or any project affiliated with Faharas group be interpreted as an attempt to offer or express a legal opinion or as engagement in the practice of law.

Content Disclaimer

Faharas may contain unacceptable content. Faharas contains millions of articles related to a variety of topics, often only a relatively small portion of these topics are monitored through some educational, governmental, parental, and other platforms.

  • Some Faharas articles may address words or phrases considered obscene, vulgar, or offensive from some readers’ perspectives.
  • Articles may contain audio, visual, or written scenes of people or events that some cultures may find objectionable.
  • Faharas contains many different images and videos, some of which may be considered obscene or offensive from some readers’ perspectives, such as articles containing graphic images of violence, human anatomy, or sexual acts.
  • Many articles on Faharas discuss controversial topics. Some topics discussed may have criminal applications in certain jurisdictions, and others contain information about dangerous or risky activities. (See General Disclaimer and Risk Disclaimer).
  • Faharas is exposed to vandals and disruptors.
  • Faharas may contain triggers for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Faharas may contain images and videos that can trigger seizures or other medical conditions.
  • Since anyone can contribute to Faharas sites, there may be some vandalism in Faharas.net.

Medical or legal information or the like may exist, but Faharas sites do not substitute for seeking help from professionals. Please note that Faharas sites do not provide medical or legal advice. Faharas’s current policies are to contain this content as long as it does not violate any of our current policies (especially the neutral point of view) and does not break the laws of the United States where Faharas servers are located. See the list of controversial topics for examples of articles that contain such content. None of these articles contain any warnings or alerts.

In any case, Faharas is an encyclopedia project under development, and some articles may contain errors, bias, redundancy, or need some care and maintenance; thus, we encourage readers to help us resolve these issues. The vast majority of the articles are written by individuals who are not experts on the topic and may lack academic or professional credentials in the field.

Certainly, there are vague information not clarified in Faharas, as Faharas’s coverage is based on the interests of the contributors; therefore, readers should not judge the importance of a topic based on Faharas’s coverage or completeness or simply because there is an article about it in Faharas.

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