Woman Die in Seymour Avenue Calgary fire Sunday S.W.

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Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
Women killed in fire near Seymour Avenue S.W. Sunday

A tragic incident unfolded as a woman was killed in a fire near Seymour Avenue S.W. on Sunday. The Calgary Fire Department responded to an emergency call at approximately 5:15 p.m. after smoke was spotted by a neighbor. Seymour Avenue Calgary fire, which produced significant smoke but initially no visible flames, claimed the life of one woman and left a man hospitalized.

Key takeaways

  • Emergency call made at 5:15 p.m. after neighbor saw smoke.
  • Firefighters found heavy smoke but no visible flames initially.
  • Two people were discovered unconscious inside the home.
  • Life-saving efforts were made, but the woman succumbed to the incident.
  • The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.
A woman lost her life in a house fire on Seymour Avenue S.W. in Calgary, with emergency services responding on Sunday evening. The fire was contained quickly, but the investigation into its cause is ongoing.

Community Shocked by Tragic House Fire

Residents of the quiet neighborhood were left in shock as the events unfolded. Lashauna McKay, a local resident, recounted the chaos as firefighters had to forcibly enter the bungalow to reach the victims. The community is now grieving the loss of the woman and is concerned for the man’s condition, who was rushed to the hospital following the incident.

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Investigation Underway to Determine Seymour Avenue Calgary fire Cause

The Calgary Fire Department is working (diligently) to uncover the cause of the devastating fire. While the fire was quickly brought under control, the aftermath has left the community with more questions than answers. The medical examiner has been called to the scene, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Time of Incident Response Victims Status
5:15 p.m., Sunday Calgary Fire Department 1 woman deceased, 1 man hospitalized Under Investigation

Women killed in fire near Seymour Avenue S.W. Sunday, a somber reminder of the importance of fire safety and community vigilance. The Calgary Fire Department’s quick response prevented further damage, but the loss of life has deeply affected the neighborhood. The investigation continues as the community seeks closure and answers to this tragic event.

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