Woman Survives After Being Crushed in Garbage Truck Rescue.

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
Woman gets dumped into N.H. garbage truck, compacted 4 times before rescue

In a shocking incident, a woman gets dumped into an N.H. garbage truck and compacted four times before rescue. The woman, who fell into a Dumpster, was inadvertently picked up by a garbage truck and subjected to the vehicle’s compaction process. She was later found alive but injured, leading to a dramatic rescue by local emergency services.

Key takeaways

  • Woman falls into a Dumpster and gets picked up by a garbage truck.
  • She was compacted four times inside the garbage truck before being noticed.
  • A crane-assisted rescue was executed to safely extract the woman.
  • The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment after the ordeal.
A woman survived a harrowing experience after being compacted in a garbage truck multiple times and was rescued thanks to the alertness of the truck driver and the swift action of emergency responders.

Details of the Unprecedented Rescue Operation

The rescue operation was initiated after the garbage truck driver spotted the woman through an onboard camera. A basket was promptly attached to a fire truck’s crane, which was then used to carefully lift the injured woman out of the truck. The incident has been described as a rare and alarming occurrence by emergency personnel.

Survivor’s Perilous Ordeal Inside the Truck

While inside the garbage truck, the woman endured the compaction process not once but four times. She had reportedly been trying to dispose of her trash when she fell into the Dumpster. Her survival is a testament to her resilience and the dangers of such accidents.

Event Details
Incident Woman falls into Dumpster and is picked up by garbage truck
Rescue Fire truck crane used to lift woman from truck
Compactions Woman compacted four times inside truck
Outcome Woman hospitalized for injuries

The woman who gets dumped into an N.H. garbage truck and compacted four times before being rescued is now receiving medical attention for her injuries. This bizarre and distressing event serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from everyday activities like disposing of garbage. The community is relieved and grateful for the woman’s survival and the successful rescue effort.


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