Reasons Burlington is the Best City to Live in Ontario

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
Why Burlington is Ontario’s most livable city

Exploring why Burlington is Ontario’s most livable city reveals a blend of community, amenities, and accessibility that sets it apart. This mid-sized city, an hour southwest of Toronto, has defied expectations by topping the livability rankings, despite being a bedroom community.

Key takeaways

  • Burlington ranked as Ontario’s most livable city and fifth nationwide.
  • Access to amenities, healthcare, and transportation contributed to its high livability score.
  • The city has seen a surge in housing prices due to increased demand.
  • Burlington maintains a strong sense of community with local festivals and events.
Burlington offers a high quality of life with its scenic waterfront, parks, and community events, making it an attractive city for families and professionals alike.

Burlington’s Scenic Waterfront and Community Appeal

Why Burlington is Ontario’s most livable city isn’t just about its picturesque setting; it’s also about the sense of belonging it fosters. The city’s waterfront district is a hub for local festivals and events that bring residents together, creating a vibrant community spirit. This, coupled with the city’s strategic taxation policy, offers families excellent value for their investment.

Accessibility and Amenities Enhance Livability

The city’s high livability ranking is bolstered by its accessibility to Toronto via GO Transit and a wealth of local amenities. Residents like Professor Dunn appreciate the ease of accessing recreational facilities, which can be a challenge in denser urban areas. Burlington’s focus on providing quality of life through accessible services contributes to why it’s Ontario’s most livable city.

Category Ranking
Overall Livability 1st in Ontario, 5th in Canada
Amenities High Access
Transportation Good Proximity to Toronto
Housing Affordability Lower Ranking
Community Events Numerous Local Festivals

Why Burlington is Ontario’s most livable city comes down to a combination of factors that resonate with its residents. From its scenic parks and waterfront to the strong sense of community and the balance of urban amenities with suburban tranquility, Burlington stands out as a city that offers a high quality of life. Despite the challenges in housing affordability, the city continues to attract those seeking a harmonious lifestyle close to a major urban center.


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