Wellington Council Pays $43K to Find Mayor’s Information Leaker

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Wellington City Council spent $43,000 on Mayor Tory Whanau’s hunt for leaker

The Wellington City Council has recently come under scrutiny for spending $43,000 on an investigation initiated by Mayor Tory Whanau. The probe aimed to identify the source of a leak that disclosed sensitive information regarding a property deal. This expenditure has raised concerns, especially given the city’s current financial challenges, including a potential 15.4 percent rates increase to address infrastructure issues. Wellington City Council spent $43,000 on Mayor Tory Whanau’s hunt for the leaker, sparking debates on the use of public funds amidst a water crisis.

Key takeaways

  • Wellington City Council spent $43,000 on a leak investigation.
  • The probe was unable to conclusively identify the leaker.
  • Five councillors were found to have breached the council’s code of conduct.
  • The city faces financial strain due to infrastructure underinvestment.
  • Recommendations for improving council processes were made.
The Wellington City Council’s expenditure on the leak investigation comes at a time when the city is grappling with significant infrastructure challenges and potential rate increases, highlighting the delicate balance of financial priorities.

Wellington City Council Pay $43,000 on a leak investigation.

Wellington City Council’s decision to allocate funds for the investigation has been contentious. With the city already facing a water crisis and the possibility of a substantial rate hike, the $43,000 spent on Mayor Tory Whanau’s hunt for the leaker has been criticized. The investigation, although thorough, did not achieve its primary goal, leaving unresolved issues in the council.

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Outcome and Reactions to the Conduct Probe

The investigation led by high-profile lawyer Linda Clark concluded without pinpointing the leaker but did find breaches of conduct among councillors. While the Wellington City Council spent $43,000 on Mayor Tory Whanau’s hunt for the leaker, it also opened the door for process improvements. However, some councillors view the probe as a political maneuver to silence dissent.

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Item Details
Investigation Cost $43,000
Initiated by Mayor Tory Whanau
Leak Subject Reading Cinema land deal
Financial Context Potential 15.4% rate increase
Outcome No leaker identified, code breaches found

Wellington City Council’s expenditure on the leak inquiry has prompted a mixed response from the public. While some understand the need for maintaining confidentiality and integrity within the council, others question the prioritization of funds given the pressing infrastructure needs. The $43,000 spent on Mayor Tory Whanau’s hunt for the leaker remains a contentious issue, especially as the city navigates through its water crisis and financial challenges. Moving forward, the council must balance transparency with fiscal responsibility to regain public trust and effectively manage the city’s resources.


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