Kurtley Beale, Wallabies player, sought sex before alleged assault.

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
Wallabies star Kurtley Beale ‘desperate’ for sex before alleged bathroom assault

In a high-profile case that has gripped the nation, Wallabies star Kurtley Beale stands accused of sexual assault following an incident at a Bondi bar. The rugby player, known for his on-field prowess, pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the December 2022 event. The court heard that the Wallabies star Kurtley Beale was ‘desperate’ for sex before the alleged bathroom assault, with the accuser’s testimony painting a disturbing picture of the night in question.

Key takeaways

  • Kurtley Beale has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges.
  • The accuser described the encounter as “so rapey” in text messages.
  • Beale is accused of forcing the woman into oral sex in a bathroom stall.
  • CCTV footage shows the pair entering the bathroom together.
  • The defense claims the encounter was consensual.
Wallabies star Kurtley Beale is currently on trial, facing serious allegations of sexual assault that occurred in a Bondi bar’s bathroom last December.

Accuser Details Harrowing Encounter with Beale

The alleged victim, a 28-year-old woman, took the stand to recount the events leading up to the Wallabies star Kurtley Beale’s ‘desperate’ attempt for sex. She described Beale as forceful and persistent, despite her reminders of their respective marital engagements. The woman’s testimony highlighted her efforts to remain friendly while rebuffing Beale’s advances.

Further testimony revealed the woman’s shock when Beale allegedly groped her at the bar before the bathroom incident. Text messages to her sister and fiancée shortly after the event corroborated her feelings of violation and fear. The prosecution’s narrative is built around these personal accounts and the subsequent emotional distress experienced by the accuser.

Defense Argues for Consensual Encounter

Contrasting the prosecution’s claims, Margaret Cunneen SC, representing Beale, argued that the bathroom act was entirely consensual. The defense highlighted the absence of criminal intent, suggesting that the interaction between Beale and the woman did not constitute assault. This narrative will be central to Beale’s case as the trial progresses.

The jury has been presented with CCTV footage from the bar, which shows the alleged victim following Beale into the bathroom. The defense is likely to scrutinize this footage closely, as it forms a crucial piece of evidence in determining the nature of the encounter between Beale and the woman.

Date of Incident Charges Defendant’s Plea
December 17, 2022 Sexual intercourse without consent, two counts of sexual touching Not Guilty
Court Location Key Evidence Defense Claim
Sydney’s Downing Centre Court Text messages, CCTV footage Consensual encounter

The trial of Wallabies star Kurtley Beale continues to unfold, with the court examining the details of the alleged sexual assault. As the jury deliberates over the testimonies and evidence presented, the outcome remains uncertain. The Wallabies star Kurtley Beale’s ‘desperate’ actions, as described by the accuser, have cast a shadow over his celebrated career, leaving the public awaiting a verdict on this serious matter.


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