Gastown in Vancouver to Become Pedestrian-Only This Summer

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Vancouver's Gastown will go car-free this summer

Vancouver’s Gastown will go car-free this summer, transforming the historic neighborhood into a pedestrian paradise. The City Council’s unanimous decision will initiate a pilot project that bans vehicles on Water Street for July and August, offering locals and tourists an unencumbered urban experience.

Key takeaways

  • Gastown’s Water Street to become pedestrian-only in July and August.
  • The pilot project could lead to permanent or seasonal traffic changes.
  • City staff consulted with the Gastown Business Improvement Society.
  • Part of a larger $10 million plan to enhance the neighborhood’s heritage feel.
Vancouver’s iconic Gastown neighborhood is set to embrace a car-free summer, aiming to enhance the pedestrian experience and potentially reshape the city’s approach to urban space.

Vancouver’s Gastown will go car-free this summer

As Vancouver’s Gastown will go car-free this summer, the bustling streets will witness a significant shift. The pilot project’s scope includes turning Water Street, from Richards to Cambie streets, into a pedestrian zone, and making the adjoining blocks “car-light.” This experiment will not only change traffic patterns but also the local ambiance, encouraging foot traffic and outdoor activities.

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Assessing the Impact and Future of Car-Free Gastown

Following the summer months, city officials will evaluate the pilot’s outcomes to determine the feasibility of expanding the car-free initiative. The assessment will consider the impact on businesses, residents, and the overall vibrancy of the neighborhood. This could pave the way for broader applications of the concept across Vancouver, potentially introducing a new era of urban planning.

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Area Duration Details
Water Street (Richards to Cambie) July-August Pedestrian-only zone
Water Street (Cambie to Carrall) July-August Car-light area
Overall Project Multi-year $10 million heritage enhancement

Vancouver’s Gastown will go car-free this summer, marking a bold step in the city’s urban design strategy. This initiative is part of a broader vision to revitalize the historic district while prioritizing pedestrian access and community engagement. As the summer unfolds, Gastown could serve as a model for sustainable city living, blending its rich past with a forward-thinking approach to public spaces.


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