Student from UBC Travels from Calgary to Cut Costs

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
UBC student flies in from Calgary to save money

In an innovative approach to combat Vancouver’s soaring rental market, a UBC student flies in from Calgary to save money on living expenses. Tim Chen, an arts student at the University of British Columbia, has opted for a unique solution to the city’s rental crisis by commuting via airplane from his family home in Calgary, trading sky-high rent for sky travel.

Key takeaways

  • UBC student avoids Vancouver’s high rent by flying from Calgary.
  • Tim Chen attends two classes per week and flies back the same day.
  • Monthly flights cost less than renting an apartment in Vancouver.
  • Vancouver’s rental market has a low vacancy rate of 0.9 percent.
To sidestep Vancouver’s expensive rent, a UBC student commutes by plane from Calgary, spending around $1,200 on flights monthly, a cost-effective alternative to the city’s average $2,100 one-bedroom rent.

Soaring Rents Push Student to Take Flight

Tim Chen’s decision to fly to university from Calgary is a direct response to the prohibitive rental prices in Vancouver. Upon returning from a vacation, he was shocked by the rental market’s steep increase. The UBC student flies in from Calgary to save money, demonstrating the lengths some residents are going to in order to afford education and life in one of Canada’s most expensive cities.

Creative Commuting: A New Trend in Student Living?

The UBC student’s flight plan is not just a personal hack but could signal a new trend among students facing similar financial constraints. Chen’s twice-weekly flights allow him to attend classes while avoiding the high cost of living. This UBC student flies in from Calgary to save money, raising questions about the sustainability of urban living costs for students and other young professionals.

Expense Cost in Vancouver Cost for Tim Chen
Average Rent (1-bedroom) $2,100/month $0 (staying with parents)
Monthly Flights N/A $1,200/month
Annual Tuition (Arts Undergrad) Varies Same as peers
Living Expenses High Reduced

As the UBC student flies in from Calgary to save money, this story highlights the extreme measures students are taking to navigate the financial pressures of urban living. Chen’s airborne commute is a testament to the ingenuity of those facing the affordability crisis in Canadian cities. It remains to be seen how this strategy will influence student living arrangements in the future, but for now, it’s clear that creativity is taking flight in the face of economic challenges.


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