Two Jailed for Assault After Argument in Cork Pizza Place

Shireen Deeb
Published 4 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Cork pizza outlet assault

Two men have been incarcerated for a ‘cowardly assault’ following a disagreement at a Cork pizza outlet, now known as the “Cork pizza outlet assault”. The incident, which occurred in October 2021, escalated from a trivial argument over soccer to a violent confrontation. Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard the case, resulting in the sentencing of the two assailants.

Key takeaways

  • Ryan Condon and Jack Lane were jailed for an unprovoked attack on a stranger.
  • The assault took place at Eskimo Pizza in Cork after a soccer-related argument.
  • Condon received a two-year sentence, with six months suspended.
  • Lane was sentenced to one year and eight months, with eight months suspended.
  • CCTV footage was crucial in identifying the attackers.
The two men involved in the assault at a Cork pizza outlet have been sentenced, with the court condemning the attack as unprovoked and emphasizing the seriousness of their actions.

Cork pizza outlet assault: Violent Dispute Over Soccer

Details emerged during the “Cork pizza outlet assault” court proceedings that the altercation began when the victim engaged in conversation with a group of women about football. Ryan Condon, 22, initiated the assault by punching the victim in the face, followed by Jack Lane, 20, and an unidentified third assailant joining in. The victim suffered a fractured nasal bone and dizziness but has since made a full recovery.

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Defense and Sentencing in Cork Criminal Court

Both defendants expressed remorse for their actions, with their lawyers highlighting issues such as addiction and misjudgment during the incident. Judge Helen Boyle acknowledged the guilty pleas, which spared the victim from testifying, and considered the defendants’ young age and intoxication issues. However, she emphasized the cowardice of the outnumbered attack.

Attacker Age Sentence Suspended Time
Ryan Condon 22 2 years 6 months
Jack Lane 20 1 year 8 months 8 months

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Two men were sentenced to jail for a “cowardly assault” at a Cork pizza outlet, leaving a young man injured, according to the “Cork pizza outlet assault” case. This serves as a strong reminder of the potential consequences when tempers escalate over minor issues, emphasizing the crucial role of self-control in public spaces. The court’s ruling highlights the seriousness of the assault and the legal system’s firm stance against such violence.


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