Two Charged with Kieran Quilligan’s Murder in Cork Court

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Two men appear in court charged with murder of Kieran Quilligan in Cork

Two men have appeared in court charged with the murder of Kieran Quilligan in Cork, a case that has gripped the local community. The suspects, Niall Long and Luke Taylor, faced Cork District Court following the discovery of Mr. Quilligan’s remains, which marked a tragic end to the search for the 47-year-old who had been missing since September.

Key takeaways

  • Niall Long and Luke Taylor charged with the murder of Kieran Quilligan.
  • Quilligan’s remains were found in east Cork after being reported missing.
  • Both accused remanded in custody, with court appearances set via videolink.
  • Emotional scenes from Quilligan’s family observed in court.
Two individuals, Niall Long and Luke Taylor, have been formally charged and remanded in custody in connection with the murder of Kieran Quilligan in Cork.

Charges and Court Proceedings Detailed

During the court hearing, Detective Garda Brian Barron and Detective Garda Anne O’Sullivan gave evidence concerning the arrests of Niall Long and Luke Taylor, respectively. Both men are now facing serious charges for the alleged involvement in the murder of Kieran Quilligan. The details of the charges were carefully recorded in the court’s official documentation.

Long, arrested at his residence, and Taylor, who proclaimed his innocence, will remain in custody. The court heard that Long is currently unemployed and was in the process of applying for disability benefit, leading to the granting of free legal aid.

Community Reacts to the Court’s Decision

The atmosphere in the courtroom was tense as the Quilligan family confronted the reality of the charges against the accused. The emotional response from the family was palpable, with an apology extended to the court for their outburst. This case has clearly had a profound impact on the community and the family involved.

Both Long and Taylor are scheduled to appear via videolink for their next court dates. The proceedings have been set for February 13th, where they will face the next steps in the legal process.

Accused Age Residence Next Court Appearance
Niall Long 31 St Michael’s Close, Mahon, Cork city February 13th, via videolink
Luke Taylor 26 Formerly of Cherry Lawn, Blackrock, Cork February 13th, via videolink

Two men appear in court charged with murder of Kieran Quilligan in Cork, a somber reminder of the gravity of the situation. As the community awaits further developments, the legal process continues, with both accused set to return to court in the coming weeks. The Quilligan family and the public look on, seeking justice for Kieran Quilligan.


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