Men’s Shed May Close if Rental Costs Increase

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Tauranga Men's Shed Rent IncreaseTauranga Men's Shed Rent Increase

Tauranga Men’s Shed Rent Increase: The Tauranga Men’s Shed, a beloved community workshop, faces a dire future with the headline “Tools down for Men’s Shed if rent is hiked” capturing the essence of their plight. The Tauranga City Council’s proposed rent increase could force the local Men’s Shed to close its doors, leaving members without their communal space for craftsmanship and camaraderie.

Key takeaways

  • Proposed rent increase from $13,000 to $44,840 for Tauranga Men’s Shed.
  • Additional operating expenses of $18,400 imposed by the council.
  • Potential closure of the shed due to unaffordable costs.
  • Men’s Shed contributes significantly to community well-being and projects.
  • Public feedback on the proposed fee structure is part of the draft 2024-34 Long-term Plan.
The Tauranga Men’s Shed Rent Increase, which is vital for community engagement and support, puts it at risk of closure by Tauranga City Council, impacting the financial sustainability of the shed.

Community Hub Faces Uncertain Future

The Tauranga Men’s Shed, currently nestled in The Historic Village, is more than just a workshop; it’s a hub for retirees and hobbyists to connect and contribute to the community. “Tools down for Men’s Shed if rent is hiked” is not just a potential outcome; it’s a stark warning that the social fabric of the community could be unraveled by prohibitive costs.

Chairman Bryce Strong has expressed that the proposed rent and operating expenses are simply beyond the organization’s means. The increase represents a threefold jump in their annual expenses, a financial burden that could displace 80 members and end the production of community-benefiting crafts and projects.

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Tauranga Men’s Shed Rent Increase: Searching for Solutions

The Men’s Shed has been a cornerstone for community projects and personal well-being. With the threat of closure, they’re looking at two alternatives: a more affordable location provided by the council or a private landlord offering low rent. “Tools down for Men’s Shed if rent is hiked” could mean the end of an era for the shed’s members and their contributions to society.

Despite the challenges, the Men’s Shed remains hopeful for a resolution. The council’s proposed fee structure is under public scrutiny as part of the Long-term Plan, and the outcome will be crucial for the shed’s future. The community’s voice will be instrumental in deciding whether the shed can continue its mission or if it must close its doors.

Year License to Occupy Fee Proposed Rent Operating Expenses
2021 $7,492 $27,986 N/A
2023 $13,000 $44,840 $18,400

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Tools down for Men’s Shed if rent is hiked—a situation that the Tauranga community hopes to avoid. The Men’s Shed has been an invaluable asset, providing a space for creativity, companionship, and community service. The proposed rent increase threatens to take away this sanctuary for many. As the city council deliberates on the Long-term Plan, the fate of the Men’s Shed hangs in the balance, with the hope that a fair and sustainable solution will emerge.


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