Thieves Steal 200-Foot Tower, Alabama Radio Station Silenced

Kamar Mahmoud
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Thieves Steal 200-Foot Tower

Thieves Steal 200-Foot Tower: In an audacious heist, thieves took off with a 200-foot radio tower and transmitter in Alabama, knocking a local AM station off the air. The startling theft occurred at the WJLX station in Jasper, leaving the community without its beloved AM radio service, and the station manager grappled with the unexpected loss.

Key takeaways

  • A 200-foot radio tower and transmitter were stolen from WJLX in Jasper, Alabama.
  • The theft has caused the local AM station to go off the air.
  • Station manager Brett Elmore is determined to restore service.
  • Jasper Police Department is currently investigating the incident.
In Jasper, Alabama, thieves have dismantled and stolen a 200-foot radio tower and its transmitter, silencing the local AM radio station and leaving the community in shock.

Community Shocked by Major Theft at Local Radio Station

Theft of such magnitude is unprecedented in Jasper, a town where radio plays a vital role in the community. Since his youth, Brett Elmore, the station manager with WJLX, expressed his disbelief that thieves could orchestrate such a large-scale operation unnoticed, removing a tower that had stood since the 1950s.

Investigation Underway to Find Perpetrators of the Crime: Thieves Steal 200-Foot Tower

The Jasper Police Department is on the case, treating the theft as a serious federal offence. Elmore is hopeful for justice and is working tirelessly to get the AM station back on air. Meanwhile, the station seeks an FCC waiver to continue FM broadcasts.

Item Details
Location of Theft Jasper, Alabama
Stolen Property 200-foot radio tower and transmitter
Impact Local AM station WJLX off the air
Investigating Authority Jasper Police Department

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Thieves take off with a 200-foot radio tower and transmitter in Alabama, leaving the local community and WJLX station in disbelief. As the investigation continues, the station’s manager and the community are eager to see the return of their AM radio service and justice served for this audacious crime.


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