Probate Office Wait Times Hit Unprecedented Levels

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
The delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high

The delays at the Dublin Probate Office have reached a record high, with waiting times now extending to five months. This unprecedented delay is causing significant distress for individuals awaiting the division of assets and is also impacting the housing market. The backlog has been attributed to new operational procedures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic to facilitate remote work, which replaced the traditional in-person system.

Key takeaways

  • Probate Office delays have hit a five-month high, affecting asset distribution.
  • New remote work procedures during Covid-19 replaced in-person services.
  • Solicitors and clients express frustration over communication and efficiency.
  • Delays are having a knock-on effect on the housing market.
The Probate Office in Dublin is experiencing severe delays, now taking up to five months to process cases, which is causing widespread stress among clients and solicitors and affecting property transactions.

Extended Wait Times Exacerbate Client Distress

The delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high, with the current system leading to a bottleneck in processing applications. This has resulted in legal documents such as wills being left untouched for months, causing additional grief for clients already dealing with the loss of a loved one. Solicitors are calling for the reinstatement of face-to-face services to improve efficiency and communication.

Probate Delays Impact Housing Market and Solicitors

As the delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high, the ripple effects are being felt in the housing market. Property sales are being frustrated due to the slow processing of probate applications, which is necessary for the transfer of ownership. Solicitors are hesitant to take on new probate cases due to the inefficiencies and lack of support from the Probate Office.

Year Delay Duration
2019 3-10 weeks
2020 4-8 weeks
2021 Up to 10 weeks
2022 Up to 12 weeks
2023 Up to 20 weeks

The delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high, and the situation calls for immediate action to alleviate the stress on clients and solicitors, and to mitigate the negative effects on the housing market. With the implementation of an online system still years away, the need for more staff and the return of in-person services is critical to reduce the backlog and restore timely processing of probate applications.


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