Kieran Quilligan’s Requiem Mass Decries Tragic Manner of Death

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Kieran Quilligan requiem mass

Kieran Quilligan requiem mass: The community gathered in grief as the requiem mass for Kieran Quilligan, a 47-year-old man whose life ended in violence, was held. “‘That he died the way he did is not okay,’ requiem mass of Kieran Quilligan hears,” the celebrant Fr John Walsh told the congregation, highlighting the sacredness of human life and the duty to honor it, even in death. Kieran’s parents found solace in fulfilling this duty, laying their son to rest with the dignity he deserved.

Key takeaways

  • Kieran Quilligan, aged 47, was reported missing last September.
  • His remains were discovered in Co Cork after a search with a cadaver dog.
  • Requiem mass emphasized the preciousness and dignity of life.
  • Two men have been charged with the murder of Mr. Quilligan.
  • The family requested donations to Cork Missing Persons Search and Recovery.
Kieran Quilligan requiem mass was attended by family and friends, which highlighted the tragedy of his untimely death and the relief brought by finally being able to be buried with dignity.

Community Mourns as Kieran Quilligan Laid to Rest

The somber occasion of Kieran Quilligan’s funeral brought to light the harsh reality of a life taken prematurely. “‘That he died the way he did is not okay,’ requiem mass of Kieran Quilligan hears,” resonated with the attendees, as Fr Walsh condemned the violence that led to Kieran’s death. The mass served as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the impact of loss on a community.

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Kieran Quilligan requiem mass: Family and friends remember him

Kathleen Quilligan, Kieran’s mother, shared heartfelt memories of her son, describing him as a ‘superhero’ and a beloved family man. His life, filled with love for his nieces, nephews, and superheroes, was honored at the mass. The offertory gifts, including family pictures and a sword, symbolized the unique spirit of a man whose presence is deeply missed.

Event Date
Kieran Quilligan Reported Missing September (Previous Year)
Remains Found January 29
Requiem Mass Today at 3pm
Charges Made Following Discovery of Remains

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“‘That he died the way he did is not okay,’ requiem mass of Kieran Quilligan hears,” a sentiment that echoed through the Church of the Way of the Cross, encapsulated the collective heartache of a community confronted with a brutal loss. Kieran Quilligan’s memory was honored as his loved ones gathered to bid him farewell, vowing to remember the joy he brought into their lives and the injustice of his death. The mass not only provided closure but also reaffirmed the community’s commitment to cherishing every life and seeking justice for those taken too soon.


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