Teen hit, significant delays on Sydenham’s T3 and T4 lines.

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
Teen struck down, major delays impacting T3 and T4 services at Sydenham

A tragic incident early Tuesday morning left Sydney’s rail network in disarray when a teen was struck down, causing major delays impacting T3 and T4 services at Sydenham. The accident prompted an immediate response from emergency services and has since resulted in significant disruptions for commuters across the city.

Key takeaways

  • Teen struck by train between St Peters and Sydenham stations.
  • Major delays on T3 Bankstown Line, T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line, and SCO South Coast Line.
  • Emergency services and replacement buses deployed to manage the situation.
  • Commuters advised to delay travel or seek alternative transport options.
A teen has been hit by a train, leading to extensive delays and disruptions on Sydney’s T3 and T4 rail lines. Commuters should expect ongoing delays and plan accordingly.

Emergency Response and Commuter Disruption

Following the incident where the teen was struck down, emergency crews, including medical ambulance services, were spotted attending to the situation. The event not only led to major delays impacting T3 and T4 services at Sydenham but also affected the daily routine of countless individuals relying on public transport. Photos revealed a sea of stranded passengers at Sydenham station, all awaiting further instruction.

Transport Alternatives and Service Resumption

As the rail services ground to a halt, transport authorities quickly organized replacement buses and advised passengers to use alternate routes. Despite the swift action to resume services, the aftermath of the teen being struck down continued to cause delays. Trains are now moving again, but the ripple effect of the morning’s chaos is expected to affect timetables throughout the day.

Line Impact Alternative Transport
T3 Bankstown Line Major Delays Replacement Buses
T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line Disrupted Service Shuttle Train Service
SCO South Coast Line Delayed Trains Additional Travel Time Advised

The morning’s incident, which saw a teen struck down on the tracks, has had a considerable impact on Sydney’s train network, particularly affecting the T3 and T4 lines at Sydenham. While services are gradually returning to normal, the delays have underscored the importance of safety and the far-reaching effects of such emergencies on public transport systems.


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