Tasmanian Teens Face Challenges Finishing High School, Premier Denies Review

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Tasmanian students still struggling to complete year 12

Tasmanian students still struggling to complete year 12 according to latest data, as Premier rejects call for a review. Despite efforts to improve education outcomes, Tasmania’s year 12 completion rates remain stagnant. The Liberal government’s extension policy aimed to address this issue, but progress has been limited. The Premier insists that trades and apprenticeships are benefiting the community, despite calls for a system review.

Key takeaways

  • Tasmania’s year 12 completion rates have not significantly improved since 2014.
  • The Liberal government’s school extension policy has not met its targets.
  • Premier Jeremy Rockliff emphasizes the value of trades and apprenticeships.
  • Critics and experts suggest a comprehensive review of the education system.
Despite the introduction of the school extension policy, Tasmanian students are still facing challenges in completing year 12, with little change in completion rates over nearly a decade.

Tasmanian students struggling to complete year 12

Since the Liberal government’s 2014 initiative to extend high schools to year 12, there has been minimal improvement in student retention and completion. Early signs of progress have faded, with rates almost returning to their pre-policy levels. This stagnation calls into question the effectiveness of the policy and whether it has been a missed opportunity for educational reform in Tasmania.

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Government Resists Calls for Policy Review

Despite the concerning data, the Tasmanian Premier is not in favor of reviewing the current education policy. Instead, the government highlights alternative pathways such as vocational training and apprenticeships. However, this stance has not quelled the growing concerns among educators, parents, and experts who argue for a reassessment of the state’s approach to education.

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Year Year 12 Completion Rate Retention Rate Apprenticeships and Traineeships
2014 53.1% 70.1% Data not available
2017 61% Data not available Data not available
2022 53.1% 71.7% 969 (school-based and full-time)

Tasmanian students still struggling to complete year 12 according to latest data, as Premier rejects call for a review. The state’s education system faces scrutiny over its unmet objectives. With the Liberal government’s policy underperforming, the community looks for answers and actions that will genuinely improve educational outcomes for Tasmanian youth.


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