Swan Valley Endures Record-Breaking Heat Above 45C During Perth Heatwave

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 1 February, 2024
Swan Valley swelters through hottest day on record after mercury tips over 45C in midst of Perth heatwave

The region of Swan Valley swelters through its hottest day on record as temperatures soared past 45C, marking an unprecedented peak in the midst of a severe Perth heatwave. The scorching heat has prompted warnings and adjustments across the city, with residents facing extreme weather conditions. This record-breaking temperature signifies a worrying trend of rising temperatures and heatwaves in the area.

Key takeaways

  • Swan Valley hit a record-breaking 45.2C at Pearce RAAF Base.
  • Previous record was 44.5C in February 2022.
  • Heatwave prompts power outages and public transport slowdowns.
  • Residents advised to stay cool, hydrated and indoors.
  • Bureau of Meteorology forecasts more high temperatures to come.
Swan Valley experienced its hottest day on record with temperatures reaching over 45C. This extreme heat event is part of a severe heatwave affecting Perth, with significant impacts on daily life and services.

Record Heat Impacts Daily Activities in Perth

As the Swan Valley swelters through the hottest day on record after mercury tips over 45C, the effects are felt widely. Residents, like Belinda Sharp, are experiencing unprecedented heat, leading to cancellations of outdoor activities such as her son’s cricket training. The intense heat has also caused power outages, affecting over 2000 homes, and forced public transport to reduce speeds to prevent infrastructure damage.

Authorities Respond to Severe Weather Conditions

With the Swan Valley swelters through the hottest day on record after mercury tips over 45C, authorities have issued severe heatwave warnings. Utility companies are urging conservation of electricity, while the public transport system has taken measures to prevent track warping. The Bureau of Meteorology advises that the heatwave will persist, urging residents to prepare for continued high temperatures.

Date Recorded Temperature Previous Record
2024 Record 45.2C 44.5C (2022)
Forecasted High Continued 40+C N/A

The Swan Valley has endured an extreme heat event, marking the hottest day on record as the mercury climbed above 45C during a severe Perth heatwave. This historic temperature rise has prompted emergency measures and community advisories to combat the heat. As the city grapples with the ongoing heatwave, residents are urged to follow safety guidelines and prepare for more high-temperature days ahead.


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