Doctor Chosen as BC United’s Surrey-Cloverdale Rep for 2024 Vote

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Surrey-Cloverdale BC United candidate

In a significant announcement for the upcoming 2024 election, Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss, an obstetrician and gynecologist, has been named the Surrey-Cloverdale BC United candidate. Driven by a strong desire to tackle the ongoing healthcare challenges, Dr. Storness-Bliss steps into the political arena, aiming to make a positive impact on her community.

Key takeaways

  • Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss is BC United’s candidate for Surrey-Cloverdale.
  • Storness-Bliss is motivated by health-care system frustrations.
  • She advocates for leadership with medical expertise in health care.
  • Letters from health-care professionals have highlighted safety concerns at Surrey Memorial Hospital.
  • BC United Leader Kevin Falcon supports Storness-Bliss’ candidacy.
  • Health Minister Adrian Dix defends the government’s actions in Surrey.
Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss, a dedicated Surrey physician, has been named the BC United candidate for the Surrey-Cloverdale riding in the 2024 provincial election, aiming to reform the health-care system.

Surrey-Cloverdale BC United candidate: Physician to Politician

Dr. Storness-Bliss’ transition from medicine to politics is fueled by her firsthand experiences with the inadequacies of the current health-care system. She cites resource shortages at her hospital as a catalyst for her decision to run for office. Her medical background, she believes, provides a crucial perspective that is often missing in health-care administration and policy-making.

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Health-Care Crisis in Surrey Spurs Action

Recent letters from Surrey Memorial Hospital staff have brought to light severe safety and resource concerns, prompting Dr. Storness-Bliss to seek political change. Her campaign is poised to address systemic issues, such as the need for more effective leadership in health care and the potential benefits of a province-wide health authority to standardize care.

Issue Details
Candidate’s Background Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss, obstetrician and gynecologist
Primary Concern Health-care system challenges and resource shortages
Political Support Endorsed by BC United Leader Kevin Falcon
Government Response Health Minister Adrian Dix cites ongoing efforts to improve Surrey’s health services

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The Surrey-Cloverdale BC United candidate for the 2024 election, Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss, a physician at Surrey Memorial Hospital, is setting out to transform the healthcare landscape. With her strong medical background and passion for advocacy, she represents a fresh approach to addressing the pressing issues faced by her community in Surrey. The October election will determine if voters resonate with her vision for a reformed healthcare system.


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