Flash Floods and Heavy Rain Submerge Homes in Southeast Queensland

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
South-east Queensland hit by flash flooding and torrential rain with homes and businesses underwater

In a harrowing incident linked to the South-east Queensland hit by flash flooding and torrential rain with homes and businesses underwater, two individuals have faced a perilous situation. The relentless downpour has led to a vehicle being swept away near Cloncurry, causing serious injuries to the occupants.

Key takeaways

  • One person seriously injured, another with head injury in Cloncurry floodwaters.
  • Victims were in a heavy vehicle attempting to cross a flooded road.
  • Queensland Ambulance Service has intervened for medical assistance.
  • LifeFlight dispatched for further hospital transport to Mount Isa Hospital.
  • Authorities warn against the dangers of driving on flooded roads.
A heavy vehicle with two persons was swept away while crossing a flooded road near Cloncurry, resulting in serious injuries and a head injury, prompting a swift emergency response.

Dangers of Floodwaters Highlighted by Cloncurry Incident

The recent floodwaters in South-east Queensland have proven to be treacherous, as evidenced by the incident near Cloncurry. The two individuals, now victims of the flood’s might, were in a heavy vehicle that was overwhelmed by the water’s force. This serves as a grim reminder of the power of nature and the risks associated with attempting to navigate through flood-affected areas.

Emergency Services Respond to Flood Victims

Following the accident, the Queensland Ambulance Service promptly transported one of the injured to Cloncurry Hospital. As the South-east Queensland hit by flash flooding and torrential rain continues to challenge the region, a LifeFlight has been sent to provide further assistance and ensure the victims receive the necessary medical care at Mount Isa Hospital.

Location Incident Response
Cloncurry, QLD Vehicle trapped in flood One transported to hospital, LifeFlight en route
Flood Safety Advice Avoid driving through flooded roads

As South-east Queensland grapples with flash flooding and torrential rain, the Cloncurry incident underscores the importance of heeding warnings and avoiding flooded roads. With the community’s safety in mind, authorities continue to urge caution during this extreme weather event.


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