Mulholland Drive Sections Shut Down Due to Landslides – NBC LA

Baraa Mohialdeen
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Slides close stretches of Mulholland Drive – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles residents witnessed a significant disruption as slides close stretches of Mulholland Drive – NBC Los Angeles reports. Following a historic storm, mudslides prompted the closure of a section of the iconic road on Wednesday. The affected area, between Skyline and Bowmont drives, is undergoing repairs due to the compromised road conditions. This event unfolded a day after Los Angeles was hit by record rainfall, leaving the city grappling with the aftermath.

Key takeaways

  • Mulholland Drive closed due to mudslides between Skyline and Bowmont drives.
  • No injuries have been reported as a result of the slides.
  • Los Angeles experienced record-setting rainfall, leading to the slides.
  • Flood watches remain in effect for parts of Southern California.
  • Further rain is expected, increasing the risk of additional slides.
The closure of Mulholland Drive is a direct consequence of the recent severe weather in Los Angeles, highlighting the city’s vulnerability to heavy rainfall and the subsequent mudslides.

Mulholland Drive Shut Down Amid Safety Concerns

As the city reels from the impact of the storm, the closure of Mulholland Drive has become a necessary precaution to ensure public safety. Aerial footage captured the extent of the damage, with hillsides crumbling and mud obstructing the roadway. City officials are actively addressing the situation, with repair efforts underway to stabilize the affected areas and prevent further damage.

Los Angeles Faces Continued Rainfall Threat

The weather forecast suggests that Los Angeles is not yet in the clear, as additional rainfall is expected throughout the week. This persistent wet weather poses a threat of more mudslides, particularly in areas where the ground is already saturated. Emergency services remain on high alert, and residents in vulnerable areas are advised to stay informed and prepared for potential evacuations.

Date Event Impact
Wednesday Mulholland Drive Closure Road repairs, no injuries
Sunday-Monday Record Rainfall 7.03 inches, flood watches
Rest of the week Continued Rain Forecast Increased slide risk

Slides close stretches of Mulholland Drive – NBC Los Angeles, a headline that encapsulates the challenges faced by the city in the wake of the storm. As Los Angeles continues to recover, the focus remains on repairing the damaged sections of the road and bracing for more rain. With the ground already saturated, officials are monitoring the situation closely to mitigate the risks of further slides and ensure the safety of the community.


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