Shoplifter Stabs Security Guard at Auckland Grocery Store

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 27 January, 2024
Security guard stabbed at Auckland New World trying to stop shoplifter

A security guard was stabbed at Auckland New World while attempting to halt a shoplifter’s escape. The incident unfolded at the supermarket on May Road, Mt Roskill, and has since led to an arrest. The guard, who was injured in the arm, was treated on-site by ambulance staff. The 25-year-old suspect is now facing charges and is expected to appear in court. This violent event raises concerns about the safety of retail workers and echoes a similar assault in the same shopping complex earlier this month.

Key takeaways

  • Security guard stabbed while trying to stop a shoplifter in Auckland.
  • Incident occurred at New World supermarket on May Road, Mt Roskill.
  • 25-year-old man arrested and charged with wounding with intent to injure.
  • Victim received immediate medical attention and is in serious but stable condition.
  • Foodstuffs to review security measures and support the injured guard.
  • Recent violent events in the same shopping complex spotlight security concerns.
A security guard at New World in Auckland was stabbed during a confrontation with a shoplifter. The suspect has been apprehended and charged, highlighting ongoing security challenges in retail environments.

Security Measures Under Scrutiny After Stabbing

Following the stabbing of the security guard at Auckland New World, Foodstuffs has pledged to reevaluate their security protocols. The company expressed its commitment to combatting in-store crime and ensuring the safety of its employees and customers. The guard, recognized for his bravery, is currently recovering from a serious injury inflicted by the assailant.

Community Concerns Rise After Recent Assaults

The stabbing at New World is not an isolated incident, with a similar attack occurring at a nearby McDonald’s earlier in the month. These events have caused unease among the Mt Roskill community, prompting calls for increased security measures. The police and local businesses are expected to collaborate in addressing these concerns.

Incident Location Date and Time Response
Security guard stabbed New World, Mt Roskill 3.40pm, Date of Incident Guard treated, suspect arrested
Assault at McDonald’s Mt Roskill shopping complex 8pm, January 11 One hospitalized, man charged

Security guard stabbed at Auckland New World trying to stop shoplifter has led to a swift police response and subsequent arrest. The community is now grappling with safety concerns in the wake of this incident and the recent assault at a local McDonald’s. As the injured guard recovers, the discussion turns to the broader implications for security in retail spaces and the well-being of those who protect them.


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