Abuzar Sultani’s Secret Group of Hitmen Responsible for Murders

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’

The secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’ has recently been thrust into the spotlight following Sultani’s admission of guilt in a string of orchestrated gangland murders. This revelation has unveiled the chilling operations of a group that functioned with the closeness of a family but with the precision of a disciplined criminal syndicate.

Key takeaways

  • Abuzar Sultani led a double life as a master’s student and a ruthless crime boss.
  • Sultani and his gang were involved in multiple murders, including high-profile gangland figures.
  • The crew was tightly knit, referring to each other as “brothers,” and involved in drug and weapons trade.
  • Members of the crew are now serving various sentences, with Sultani facing life imprisonment.
  • The gang operated as a “closed group,” and members contributed to a legal defense fund.
Secret hitman Abuzar Sultani and his ‘murder crew’ were a tightly-knit criminal syndicate responsible for a series of gangland hits, now facing justice with Sultani pleading guilty to his fifth murder.

Unraveling the Operations of Sultani’s ‘Murder Crew’

The secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’ was a formidable force in the criminal underworld. The group, also known as “the Afghanis” or “Murder Crew 13,” was involved in a wide range of criminal activities. Their operations were not only limited to murder but also included drug trafficking and arms dealing, as outlined by Judge Peter Whitford.

Despite their criminal endeavors, the crew maintained a semblance of normalcy, engaging in communal activities like dining together and playing sports. This facade of brotherhood masked their sinister undertakings, which were meticulously planned and executed with cold efficiency.

The Downfall of a Secret Syndicate

After a series of trials, the secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’ has been dismantled, with its members receiving varying prison sentences. The group’s cohesion was their strength, but also their downfall, as police surveillance and a turncoat witness led to their capture. The crew’s strict code of conduct and loyalty were ultimately penetrated by law enforcement.

Their operations came to a halt when hidden cameras and a star witness provided crucial evidence against them. This evidence included recordings and testimonies that detailed the inner workings of the crew, leading to the conviction of its core members.

Name Role Sentence
Abuzar Sultani Leader/Hitman Life imprisonment
Siar Munshizada Second Shooter Three life sentences without parole
Joshua Baines Shooter 22 years and six months
Mirwais Danishyar Getaway Driver 15 years

The secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’ has ultimately been brought to justice, with Sultani himself facing life imprisonment for his crimes. The group’s story serves as a stark reminder of the potential for violence and criminality lurking beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary relationships and the lengths law enforcement will go to dismantle such organizations.


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