Thieves Escape After Bold Smash-and-Grab at Mt Maunganui Mall

Nesma Hussien
Published 1 month ago on 27 January, 2024
Robbers flee brazen Mt Maunganui mall smash-and-grab

In a daring daylight heist, robbers flee brazen Mt Maunganui mall smash-and-grab, causing chaos and fear. The Bayfair Shopping Centre was rocked by the sound of shattering glass as thieves targeted the Michael Hill jewellery store. Amidst the pandemonium, a fog cannon was deployed, effectively disorienting the culprits and aiding in their hasty retreat.

Key takeaways

  • Daylight robbery at Bayfair Shopping Centre’s Michael Hill.
  • Masked men smashed jewellery cabinets, triggering a fog cannon.
  • Robbers fled in a vehicle, later found abandoned.
  • Police are conducting ongoing inquiries to apprehend the suspects.
  • Previous robberies at the same Michael Hill store occurred last year.
The Bayfair Shopping Centre in Mt Maunganui was the scene of a bold robbery, with assailants targeting a jewellery store before a fog cannon induced their escape.

Shoppers Stunned by Daylight Jewellery Heist

As unsuspecting shoppers went about their day, the tranquility of the mall was shattered. The robbers, with faces concealed, wasted no time in smashing the display cases of the Michael Hill store. The swift intervention of the fog cannon added to the confusion, creating a smokescreen that allowed the robbers to flee brazen Mt Maunganui mall smash-and-grab.

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Robbers Flee, Police Launch Manhunt

Following the robbery, the police were quick to respond, arriving at the scene within minutes. The getaway vehicle’s discovery on Alverstoke Street was a breakthrough, though the robbers remain at large. The police are urging the public to come forward with any information that might assist in the robbers’ capture.

Date Event
This Afternoon Robbery at Bayfair Shopping Centre
3:00 PM Police called to the scene
3:10 PM Getaway vehicle found abandoned
Last Year Previous robberies at the same store

Today’s robbers flee brazen Mt Maunganui mall smash-and-grab incident marks yet another crime at the Bayfair Shopping Centre’s Michael Hill store. The local community is left shaken, and the police are determined to apprehend those responsible. As the investigation continues, the effectiveness of security measures like fog cannons is once again highlighted in deterring retail crime.


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