Officials Aim to Identify Sunken Ship Near Cape Ray

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
Province Hoping to Identify Shipwreck Near Cape Ray

The archaeological community is abuzz as the province is hoping to identify a shipwreck near Cape Ray. A substantial section of a wooden sailing ship’s hull was recently exposed on the beach at Cheesman’s Cove due to erosion. This discovery has prompted immediate action from the province’s archaeology department to uncover the vessel’s origins and historical significance.

Key takeaways

  • Significant shipwreck exposed at Cheesman’s Cove near Cape Ray.
  • Archaeological teams face limited time for surveying due to tides.
  • Drone imagery and wood sampling planned to identify the ship.
The province’s archaeology department is swiftly coordinating efforts to identify the mysterious shipwreck uncovered by erosion near Cape Ray, with plans to analyze wood samples and historical records.

Challenges in Surveying the Shipwreck’s Remains

The wreck’s location presents a unique challenge to archaeologists. Jamie Brake, the Provincial Archaeologist, notes that the ship is submerged except during the lowest tide, providing only a narrow window for examination. The team eagerly anticipates the tides aligning with daylight to begin their investigation and capture the wreck’s details with drone technology.

Strategies for Unraveling the Ship’s Mysteries

Once the conditions permit, the archaeologists will collect wood samples and search for artifacts strewn along the beach. The wood’s species and age are crucial clues that could reveal the ship’s origins. These details, alongside archival records, might help pinpoint the ship’s identity, offering a glimpse into the past maritime activities around Cape Ray.

Location Activity Objective
Cheesman’s Cove, Cape Ray Archaeological Survey Identify Shipwreck
Timing Lowest Tide Collect Samples, Drone Imagery
Challenges Limited Survey Time Analyze Wood, Historical Records

The province hoping to identify the shipwreck near Cape Ray is taking careful steps to ensure the historical treasure unveiled by nature is thoroughly studied. With the archaeology team ready to deploy modern techniques and old-fashioned detective work, the story of the shipwreck at Cheesman’s Cove is slowly surfacing, promising to add a new chapter to the rich maritime history of the region.


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