Winner Confuses $17.25 Million Powerball Prize for $17,250

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 31 January, 2024
Powerball $17.25 million win mistaken for $17,250: ‘Got to get my eyes checked’

In an astonishing twist of fate, a Powerball $17.25 million win was mistaken for $17,250, leading the Canterbury winner to quip, “Got to get my eyes checked.” The lucky Powerball First Division ticket was purchased online via MyLotto for the January 27 draw. The winner’s initial disbelief turned into overwhelming joy upon the realization of their true fortune.

Key takeaways

  • Canterbury resident wins $17.25 million in Powerball.
  • Initially thought the prize was only $17,250.
  • The winning ticket was bought online on MyLotto.
  • Winner plans to invest the money and ensure a comfortable retirement.
A Canterbury local has become an overnight multi-millionaire after winning $17.25 million in the Powerball, initially mistaking their monumental prize for a mere $17,250.

Winner’s Shock Turns to Delight Overnight

The winner, who chose to stay anonymous, recounted their experience of checking the ticket online and seeing the numbers align. At first, the thought of winning a small prize crossed their mind. It wasn’t until the following morning that the realization of winning the massive $17.25 million jackpot set in, proving to be a life-changing moment.

Plans for the Future with Newfound Wealth

Despite the initial mix-up, the winner expressed a desire to maintain a sense of normalcy. They plan to invest the winnings wisely and take time to consider future steps. The fortune ensures a secure retirement, which the winner is looking forward to with great anticipation and excitement.

Date of Draw January 27
Place of Ticket Purchase MyLotto online
Winner’s Location Canterbury
Initial Misunderstanding $17,250
Actual Winnings $17.25 million
Winner’s Plan Invest and plan for retirement

The story of the Powerball $17.25 million win mistaken for $17,250 serves as a reminder of the unexpected twists that fortune can bring. The Canterbury winner’s experience, from the comical realization to the prudent decision to invest and plan for a comfortable future, captures the essence of a truly life-altering event. As they adjust to their new reality, the winner’s story continues to inspire dreams of luck and prosperity across New Zealand.


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