Hamilton Father’s Death Not Considered Murder by Police Anymore

Kamar Mahmoud
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Police no longer consider the Hamilton Father's Death, Isaac, in Ngāruawāhia suspicious after a post-mortem; the case is now with the coroner.

Hamilton Father’s Death: The investigation into the death of Hamilton man John Wirihana Isaac has taken a significant turn as the police no longer treat Hamilton’s dad’s death as a homicide. The 53-year-old was found deceased by the Waikato River in January, prompting a significant inquiry by local authorities. However, recent developments have led to a shift in the investigation’s direction.

Key takeaways

  • John Wirihana Isaac’s death is no longer considered suspicious.
  • A post-mortem examination contributed to the investigation’s new direction.
  • The case is now in the hands of the coroner.
  • Police have expressed gratitude for the public’s assistance.
The death of John Wirihana Isaac, initially treated as a homicide, is no longer considered suspicious following a thorough investigation and post-mortem examination.

Shift in the Investigation of John Isaac’s Death

Following the discovery of John Wirihana Isaac’s body in Ngāruawāhia, a homicide investigation was promptly initiated. Detective Inspector Darrell Harpur has since announced a pivotal change; the police no longer treat Hamilton’s dad’s death as a homicide. This conclusion came after a detailed post-mortem examination and scrutiny of all gathered evidence.

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Community and Police Collaboration Highlighted: Hamilton Father’s Death

The authorities have taken the time to commend the community for their support and cooperation throughout the investigative process. Detective Inspector Harpur emphasized the importance of the information provided by the public, which has been instrumental in reaching the current stage of the inquiry. The police’s acknowledgment of this collaboration underlines the value of community involvement in such cases.

Date of Discovery January 18
Location Waikato River, Ngāruawāhia
Initial Treatment Homicide Investigation
Current Status Non-Suspicious Death
Investigative Lead Det. Insp. Darrell Harpur

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The case of John Wirihana Isaac, which had gripped the community of Hamilton, has seen a significant development, with the police no longer treating the incident as a homicide. As the matter transitions to the coroner’s jurisdiction, the community and Isaac’s family await further details. The police continue to sympathise with Isaac’s loved ones during this challenging period.


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