Police Arrest Suspects for Extortion Scare in Peel Region

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Peel Region extortion arrests

Police announce arrests in extortion attempts ‘terrorizing’ Peel Region, marking a significant crackdown on a series of crimes that have deeply unsettled the South Asian business community. The Peel Regional Police’s Extortion Investigative Task Force (EITF) has been actively pursuing 29 cases, with five individuals apprehended for their alleged involvement in these extortion schemes.

Key takeaways

  • Peel Police’s EITF investigates 29 extortion cases targeting South Asian businesses.
  • Five arrests made so far; no injuries reported despite shootings.
  • Extortion methods include phone and social media threats for money transfers.
  • Underreporting suspected due to victims’ fear and compliance.
  • Peel Region’s mayor calls for federal action against the crime wave.
Police in Peel Region have made five arrests linked to extortion attempts that have instilled fear among local South Asian business owners, with ongoing investigations suggesting a broader pattern of criminal activity.

Task Force Targets Extortion Wave in Peel

The newly-formed EITF has taken the lead on a disturbing trend of extortion crimes. According to Supt. Shelley Thompson, businesses such as restaurants and jewelry stores have been targeted. The task force’s swift action has resulted in five arrests, signaling a strong stance against these crimes that have been terrorizing the community.

Community and Authorities Rally for Action

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has been vocal about the impact of these crimes, describing the situation as “terrorizing” and praising the arrests as a “big win.” The mayor’s advocacy has extended to seeking federal support, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to tackle the extortion attempts plaguing Peel Region.

Incident Type Number of Cases Businesses Affected
Attempted Extortion 29 South Asian-owned
Shootings 9 Various local businesses
Arrests Made 5 Linked to 3 incidents

Police announce arrests in extortion attempts ‘terrorizing’ Peel Region, bringing some relief to the South Asian business owners who have been living in fear. The ongoing investigations by the EITF and the proactive measures taken by local authorities demonstrate a commitment to restoring safety and security in the community. As the Peel police continue to work with multiple law enforcement agencies, the hope is that these efforts will deter future criminal activities and protect the rights and well-being of business owners in the region.


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