PM Firm on Treaty Bill Despite Seymour Labeling Him ‘Nervous’

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
PM 'can't be clearer' on Treaty bill as Seymour calls him 'nervous'

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has firmly stated his position on the Treaty Principles Bill, with ACT leader David Seymour suggesting that Luxon might be wavering. The PM ‘can’t be clearer’ on Treaty bill as Seymour calls him ‘nervous’, igniting political debate as the nation scrutinizes the coalition’s stance on a bill that could redefine the Treaty of Waitangi’s principles.

Key takeaways

  • PM Christopher Luxon asserts a clear stance against the Treaty Principles Bill.
  • ACT leader David Seymour hints at Luxon’s potential nervousness and flexibility.
  • The controversial bill is part of the coalition deal between National and ACT.
  • Labour MP Ginny Anderson criticizes the bill as divisive and wasteful.
  • National MP Chris Bishop emphasizes the realities of coalition governance.
Despite political pressure and coalition complexities, PM Christopher Luxon maintains a definitive position against the Treaty Principles Bill, with no plans for a second reading.

Political Tensions Rise Over Treaty Bill

The proposed Treaty Principles Bill has become a focal point of contention within New Zealand’s political landscape. PM Luxon’s unwavering stance has been met with skepticism by David Seymour, who has suggested that the Prime Minister might succumb to public opinion as he did with the ACT’s Three Strikes bill. The PM ‘can’t be clearer’ on Treaty bill as Seymour calls him ‘nervous’, but Luxon insists the National Party’s view is resolute.

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Coalition Compromises and Public Sentiment

As part of the coalition agreement with ACT, National has agreed to support the bill through its first reading and select committee stage. However, Luxon has reiterated that the party does not support a referendum on the bill. On the other side, Labour MP Ginny Anderson and others see the bill as a divisive issue, suggesting that the public is tired of the debate. National MP Chris Bishop highlights the necessity of compromise in coalition governance.

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Party Stance on Treaty Principles Bill
National Opposes beyond first reading
ACT Supports as part of coalition deal
Labour Views as divisive and wasteful

In conclusion, the PM ‘can’t be clearer’ on Treaty Principles bill as Seymour calls him ‘nervous’, highlighting the complexities of coalition politics and the sensitive nature of the Treaty of Waitangi. Prime Minister Christopher Luxon’s firm stance against the Treaty Principles Bill remains unchanged despite the political maneuvering and discussions that continue to unfold around this significant piece of legislation.


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