Pineapple Express Storm Risks Floods, Mudslides in Southern California

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
Pineapple express: Atmospheric river parks over Southern California, increasing threat of flooding and mudslides

The Pineapple Express, an atmospheric river, has parked over Southern California, escalating the threat of flooding and mudslides. This severe weather phenomenon is affecting millions, with a rare Level 4 of 4 risk for excessive rainfall issued. The region, already saturated by recent record rainfall, faces submerged roadways and damaging debris flows, highlighting the urgent situation.

Key takeaways

  • Rare Level 4 risk of excessive rainfall for over 14 million in Southern California.
  • Reports of submerged roadways and early debris flows on Monday.
  • Recent record rainfall has left the state saturated, worsening current flood risks.
The Pineapple Express brings a high flood risk to Southern California, with life-threatening conditions due to the potential for intense flooding and mudslides.

Impact of Pineapple Express on Southern California

The Pineapple Express: Atmospheric river parks over Southern California, increasing threat of flooding and mudslides, has led to widespread power outages. Over 500,000 customers are without electricity, and winds have reached up to 100 mph. The relentless downpours have resulted in at least one fatality, emphasizing the seriousness of the storm’s impact.

Emergency Measures and Community Response

As the Pineapple Express continues to drench Southern California, officials have enforced evacuation orders in multiple counties. Schools have canceled classes, and some areas have switched to remote learning. The community is urged to stay indoors, with travel being extremely hazardous due to the ongoing severe weather conditions.

Area Rainfall Power Outages Evacuations
Los Angeles 4.10 inches 500,000+ Enforced
Orange County 3-6 inches expected Varies Enforced
San Diego 2-2.5 inches expected Varies Warning issued

The Pineapple Express has brought an unprecedented level of rainfall to Southern California, leading to significant flooding and the risk of mudslides. The atmospheric river’s impact is far-reaching, with emergency services working tirelessly to manage the effects. Residents are advised to heed warnings and evacuation orders as the region braces for more rain and potential landslides.


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