Pineapple Express Storm Hits California, Risks Floods and Mudslides

Salim Ali
Published 3 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
Pineapple express: An intense atmospheric river slams into California, threatening to flood roads and trigger mudslides

The Pineapple Express, an intense atmospheric river, is currently battering California with heavy rains and winds, raising alarms for flooding and mudslides across the state. This powerful weather system is expected to deliver a deluge, posing significant threats to infrastructure and safety.

Key takeaways

  • Rare Level 4 risk of excessive rainfall includes Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles could see more than a month’s worth of rain.
  • Mandatory evacuations ordered in several California communities.
  • First-ever hurricane force wind warning issued by NWS in San Francisco.
  • Travel in mountain regions deemed “near impossible” due to conditions.
  • Over 215,000 customers experiencing power outages.
  • Flight delays and cancellations impacting California airports.
The Pineapple Express atmospheric river event is causing extreme weather conditions in California, leading to significant rainfall, potential flooding, and widespread disruptions.

Residents Prepare as Flood Warnings Escalate

With the Pineapple Express bringing an atmospheric onslaught, Californians are bracing for the impact. Communities have been urged to evacuate as the threat of life-threatening floods looms. Schools in affected areas are proactively closing, and officials are on high alert for the safety risks posed by the impending storm.

State and Emergency Services Mobilize Resources

California’s government and emergency services are taking extensive measures to mitigate the effects of the Pineapple Express. Resources, including rescue teams and equipment, are being strategically positioned. Governor Gavin Newsom has visited the state operations center to oversee the preparedness and response efforts firsthand.

Area Rainfall Prediction Wind Gusts Power Outages
Los Angeles 3-6 inches Up to 95 mph 215,000+
San Francisco Level 3 Risk 40-60 mph Increasing
Sierra Nevada Heavy snowfall Whiteout conditions N/A

The Pineapple Express has set the stage for a severe weather event in California, with communities facing the possibility of flooded roadways and dangerous mudslides. As the state confronts this atmospheric river, residents are urged to remain vigilant and follow the guidance of local authorities to ensure their safety.


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