Southern California to Get Heavy Rain Thursday and This Weekend

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 1 February, 2024
Pineapple express: An atmospheric river is set to drench Southern California Thursday before another sweeps in over the weekend

The “Pineapple express,” an atmospheric river, is set to drench Southern California Thursday before another sweeps in over the weekend. This weather phenomenon is expected to bring heavy rainfall, potential flooding, and gusty winds. Residents in the affected areas are bracing for the impact, which may disrupt daily life and pose serious challenges for emergency services.

Key takeaways

  • First atmospheric river to hit Southern California on Thursday.
  • Over 20 million Californians under flood alerts; flooding and gusty winds expected.
  • Second, potentially stronger atmospheric river to arrive Sunday.
  • El Niño pattern contributing to the intensity of the storms.
  • California officials have mobilized emergency response teams.
The Pineapple express is bringing not one, but two atmospheric rivers to Southern California, with significant rainfall and flooding risks imminent.

Atmospheric Rivers Threaten Widespread Flooding

The first of the atmospheric rivers, part of the “Pineapple express,” is set to drench Southern California on Thursday. This system will bring not only heavy rains but also the risk of flash floods, particularly in urban areas. The National Weather Service has issued flood alerts, urging residents to prepare for possible evacuations and safeguard their properties.

As the first storm system moves through, the second atmospheric river is already on the horizon, expected to hit the region on Sunday. This subsequent system could be even more potent, posing a prolonged threat of flooding and damage. Californians are advised to stay informed and follow local guidance.

Event Date Expected Impact
First Atmospheric River Arrival Thursday Heavy rainfall, flooding, gusty winds
Second Atmospheric River Arrival Sunday Stronger storms, increased flood risk
El Niño Pattern Influence Ongoing Intensified storm systems

The Pineapple express atmospheric river is poised to bring significant rainfall to Southern California, starting Thursday, with a second system following closely over the weekend. These back-to-back storms, intensified by the El Niño pattern, could lead to widespread flooding and disruptions. Californians are urged to stay vigilant, adhere to safety measures, and cooperate with emergency services to navigate the inclement weather safely.


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