Parents Charged $200 to Meet Minister After Daughter’s Death

Sabrin Elhawary
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Parents of woman killed in 2017 collision say they were told to pay $200 to meet Quebec minister

In a concerning revelation, parents of a woman killed in a 2017 collision reported they were instructed to pay $200 to secure a meeting with the Quebec minister. This incident came to light during a legislative committee hearing in Quebec City, where the couple expressed their disappointment and disbelief at the pay-to-meet requirement.

Key takeaways

  • Parents testified at a legislative committee about paying to meet the minister.
  • They sought to add administrative sanctions to a road safety reform bill.
  • The minister and local MNA have apologized for the oversight.
  • Recent ethical misconduct allegations have surfaced against the CAQ.
The parents of a woman killed in a car accident were told to pay $200 to meet with Quebec’s Transport Minister, an incident that has sparked ethical concerns.

Parents Share Disappointing Fundraiser Experience

During the hearing, Élizabeth Rivera and Antoine Bittar, leaders of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, recounted their experience. They highlighted the request to pay for a fundraising event as a prerequisite to meeting Geneviève Guilbault, Quebec’s Transport Minister. The couple complied, hoping to discuss road safety reforms, only to feel let down by the brief interaction.

Minister and MNA Address the Controversy

Following the couple’s testimony, Minister Guilbault and MNA Marilyne Picard responded to the allegations. Guilbault emphasized that no payment is required to speak with her, while Picard admitted to an error in judgment and issued an apology. The incident has raised questions about the integrity of political fundraising in Quebec.

Event Date Details
Legislative Committee Hearing 2023 Parents testify about paying to meet the minister.
Road Safety Reform Bill Discussion 2023 Parents advocate for additional sanctions in the bill.
CAQ Fundraising Controversy 2023 Allegations of ethical misconduct in political contributions.

Parents of a woman killed in a 2017 collision have brought to public attention their experience of being told to pay $200 to meet with the Quebec minister. This incident, part of a broader discussion on political ethics and fundraising practices, has prompted apologies from government officials and a reevaluation of how citizens interact with their elected representatives. The situation underscores the need for transparency and accessibility in government affairs.


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