New Ontario School Courses Starting Autumn 2024

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024

The Ontario school curriculum changes coming in fall 2024 are set to introduce significant updates across various subjects. The Doug Ford government’s revisions aim to better equip students with practical skills and knowledge for the modern world. These changes will affect students from kindergarten to high school, with a particular focus on technology, business education, and mental health.

Key takeaways

  • Grade 9/10 Tech Education credit now a graduation requirement.
  • New experiential business courses for Grades 9 and 10.
  • De-streaming of Grade 9 Canadian Geography courses.
  • Revised Grade 10 Career studies to include mental health literacy.
  • Grade 9 English courses for French Language schools to be re-aligned.
  • Future curriculum updates to include Black history, the Holocaust, and the Holodomor famine.
  • Updated math and language curriculums already in effect for Grades 1-9.
The Ontario school curriculum changes coming in fall 2024 are part of a broader effort to modernize education, focusing on technology, business acumen, and mental health.

The Ontario school curriculum changes

With the Ontario school curriculum changes coming in fall 2024, the government is placing a strong emphasis on technology and business. High school students will now need to complete a technological education credit, fostering skills in engineering design and technology concepts. Additionally, two new business courses will be introduced, aimed at providing students with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and business management.

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Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health and Inclusivity

The curriculum revisions also address mental health and inclusivity. De-streaming the Grade 9 Geography curriculum aligns with the government’s inclusive education strategy. Moreover, the Grade 10 Career studies curriculum will now encompass mandatory mental health literacy, a critical addition considering the growing awareness of mental health issues among youth.

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Subject Changes Effective Year
Technology Education Requirement for graduation 2024
Business Courses Two new experiential courses 2024
Geography De-streamed curriculum 2024
Career Studies Inclusion of mental health literacy 2024
English (French Language schools) Alignment with English-language schools 2024
Future Updates Kindergarten revamp; mandatory learning on Black history, the Holocaust, and the Holodomor famine 2025

The Ontario school curriculum changes coming in fall 2024 represent an ambitious overhaul designed to better prepare students for the challenges of the future. By integrating practical technology and business skills, prioritizing mental health education, and promoting inclusivity, the government is taking a holistic approach to modernize the education system. These changes are set to create a more adaptive and comprehensive learning environment for Ontario’s students.


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