London’s Main Criminal Court Evacuated Due to Fire

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Old Bailey: Central Criminal Court in London evacuated after fire

The Old Bailey: Central Criminal Court in London was evacuated after a fire broke out, causing disruption and concern. The incident occurred at 10:30 GMT, prompting the evacuation of approximately 1,500 people from the courthouse and nearby buildings. Explosions were heard, and black smoke was seen emanating from the area, leading to immediate action by emergency services.

Key takeaways

  • Fire at the Old Bailey leads to evacuation of 1,500 people.
  • Explosions heard and black smoke seen at the scene.
  • No reported casualties; power supplies affected.
  • Court proceedings postponed; jurors and defendants affected.
  • Fire originated from an electrical substation nearby.
The Old Bailey, London’s Central Criminal Court, was evacuated due to a fire, with no casualties reported. Court proceedings have been postponed, and the situation is being managed by emergency services.

Emergency Services Respond to Courthouse Fire

Following the fire at the Old Bailey: Central Criminal Court in London, emergency services acted swiftly. The London Fire Brigade dispatched 25 firefighters to tackle the blaze. They worked alongside the City of London Police to ensure the safety of all individuals involved, including judges, barristers, jurors, and court staff, who were seen waiting outside for updates.

Court Operations Disrupted by Unexpected Incident

The unexpected incident led to the postponement of all proceedings at the Old Bailey: Central Criminal Court in London. Defendants were escorted to secure locations, and court users were advised not to return until safety checks were completed. The Criminal Bar Association confirmed that trials would resume the following Thursday, barring further instructions.

Incident Detail Information
Location Old Bailey, Central Criminal Court, London
Time of Incident 10:30 GMT
Evacuated Individuals Approximately 1,500
Emergency Services Response 25 firefighters, City of London Police
Power Supply Impact Affected; UK Power Networks working to restore
Court Proceedings Postponed until Thursday

The Old Bailey: Central Criminal Court in London faced an unexpected challenge when a fire prompted a large-scale evacuation. The incident, which involved no reported casualties, has temporarily halted the wheels of justice as court proceedings were postponed. The focus now turns to the restoration of power and ensuring the safety of the historic courthouse, as the legal community awaits a return to normalcy.


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