NSW Leader Says Police Can Expose and Stop Neo-Nazis

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
NSW Premier warns police have powers to unmask neo-Nazis

In a firm response to the recent gathering of neo-Nazis in Sydney, NSW Premier warns police have powers to unmask neo-Nazis. Chris Minns criticized the group’s actions as “absolutely pathetic” and highlighted the threat they pose to the community. The Premier’s comments come after a public demonstration by the National Socialist Network at Artarmon Reserve.

Key takeaways

  • NSW Premier Chris Minns condemns neo-Nazi gathering in Sydney.
  • Police have the authority to remove balaclavas and identify individuals.
  • A Public Safety Order was issued to prevent further gatherings.
  • Neo-Nazi activities are seen as a threat to community cohesion.
The NSW Premier has publicly denounced a neo-Nazi group’s actions and reassured the community that police are empowered to act against such displays of hatred and racism.

Community Safety and Police Authority Highlighted

The NSW Premier warns police have powers to unmask neo-Nazis, emphasizing law enforcement’s role in maintaining public safety. This statement reassures citizens that the government and police are actively working to deter hate groups from disrupting the social fabric. The recent use of a Public Safety Order demonstrates this commitment to community protection.

Minns’ stern warning to the group and potential recruits sends a clear message that extremist ideologies will not be tolerated in NSW. The Premier’s condemnation serves as a deterrent and a call to action for the community to stand against divisive and harmful beliefs.

Neo-Nazi Presence Met With Strong Opposition

Following the Artarmon Reserve incident, the NSW Premier warns police have powers to unmask neo-Nazis, ensuring that those who hide behind masks will face consequences. The Premier’s stance reflects a broader societal rejection of the neo-Nazi ideology and its associated actions.

Minns’ comments also address the concern that many participants were from interstate, suggesting a need for a coordinated national response to such extremist activities. The Premier’s approach indicates a proactive stance in preserving Australia’s values of diversity and inclusivity.

Date of Incident Location Group Involved Government Response
Recent Gathering Artarmon Reserve, Sydney National Socialist Network Public Safety Order issued
Australia Day Incident Train from Artarmon 61 Members Police interception, arrests made

NSW Premier warns police have powers to unmask neo-Nazis, a statement that has resonated throughout the state and beyond. Chris Minns’ unequivocal denouncement of the recent neo-Nazi gathering sends a message of zero tolerance for hate groups. The Premier’s commitment to community safety and the preservation of Australian values is clear, as is the readiness of law enforcement to uphold these principles.


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