Newsom Says Trump is Unstable and Worse Than Before

Mona Mohammed
Published 1 month ago on 27 January, 2024
Newsom calls Trump damaged goods

In a recent MSNBC interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom calls Trump ‘damaged goods’ and ‘more unhinged’ than ever. Newsom’s comments come as speculation grows about a potential 2024 presidential rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The governor expressed his belief that while Trump is likely to secure the Republican primary, his chances in the general election are slim due to his perceived flaws.

Key takeaways

  • newsom calls trump damaged goods and ‘unhinged’.
  • Newsom attacks congressional Republicans for aligning with Trump’s agenda.
  • Senate struggles with border security reforms and Ukraine aid due to Trump’s influence.
  • House Speaker Mike Johnson calls the Senate’s border deal ‘dead on arrival’.
California Governor Gavin Newsom has openly criticized former President Trump, suggesting that his influence on the Republican Party is detrimental and his chances in a general election are weak.

newsom calls trump damaged goods

During his interview, Newsom took aim at the Republican Party’s compliance with Trump’s demands, especially regarding policies on the southern border. He described the party’s obedience as a “disgrace” and highlighted Trump’s continued extreme rhetoric. Newsom’s remarks underscore the tension within the GOP as they navigate Trump’s enduring sway over the party’s base.

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Border Security and Ukraine Aid at a Standstill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also faced criticism from Newsom for considering the separation of Ukraine aid from border security funding. The difficulty in passing such reforms is attributed to Trump’s antagonistic stance. This legislative impasse reflects the broader challenges the GOP faces in reconciling Trump’s agenda with practical governance.

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Issue Details
Trump’s Influence Labeled as ‘damaged goods’ by Newsom, Trump’s hold on the GOP remains strong.
Border Security Legislation struggles due to Trump’s opposition and GOP division.
Ukraine Aid McConnell considers splitting aid from border security, highlighting GOP challenges.
House GOP Stance Speaker Mike Johnson deems Senate border deal ‘dead on arrival’ in the House.

California Governor Gavin Newsom calls Trump ‘damaged goods’ and ‘more unhinged’ than ever, signaling a deepening rift within the Republican Party. Newsom’s critique of Trump and congressional Republicans reflects the ongoing struggle to balance party unity with the divisive politics of the former president. As the 2024 presidential election looms, the GOP’s ability to navigate these challenges remains a critical factor in their electoral prospects.


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