NY Attorney General, Trump’s Team Urge Quick Fraud Case Decision

Suzy Motrajy
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
New York AG and Trump lawyers tell judge they don’t want to wait for civil fraud verdict

In a recent development, the New York AG and Trump lawyers tell the judge they don’t want to wait for the civil fraud verdict. This comes amidst discussions of a potential perjury plea by Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s former finance chief. Both parties are urging the judge to proceed with the decision despite the ongoing criminal talks.

Key takeaways

  • Both the New York AG and Trump’s legal team push for a timely civil fraud verdict.
  • Allen Weisselberg’s potential perjury plea could affect the case’s outcome.
  • The judge is asked to disregard speculative news and focus on trial evidence.
  • State lawyers seek $370 million and business restrictions against Trump.

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The New York AG and Trump’s attorneys are pressing for a swift resolution in the civil fraud trial, irrespective of Allen Weisselberg’s possible perjury plea negotiations.

Parties Urge Judge to Disregard Outside Influences

Trump’s legal team has emphasized the importance of the court’s focus on evidence presented during the trial, stating that considering news reports of a potential perjury charge is inappropriate. They stress that no external information, including Weisselberg’s plea talks, should influence the judge’s impending decision.

On the other hand, the attorney general’s office argues that the perjury investigation could be prolonged indefinitely and should not delay the civil fraud verdict. They maintain that the judge can amend his findings, if necessary, post-verdict, to address any perjury-related issues.

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State Lawyers Seek Immediate Judgment and Sanctions

The attorney general’s office is advocating for immediate action against Trump and his business practices. They seek a substantial financial penalty and measures to prevent future fraudulent activities, including the imposition of industry bars and the appointment of a monitor with oversight capabilities.

Trump’s attorneys counter that the court must only consider trial evidence and that the court’s impartiality could be called into question if it considers unverified news reports or speculative information regarding Weisselberg’s plea negotiations.

Party Position Requested Action
New York AG Seeking immediate verdict $370 million penalty, business restrictions
Trump’s Lawyers Oppose delay due to perjury talks Verdict based solely on trial evidence

The New York AG and Trump lawyers tell the judge they don’t want to wait for the civil fraud verdict, underscoring the urgency both parties feel about resolving the matter. As the court deliberates, the focus remains on the evidence presented during the trial, with the potential perjury plea of Allen Weisselberg looming in the background. The outcome of this high-profile case could have significant implications for Trump’s future business endeavours in New York.


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