Latest Poll Shows Dutton Struggling in Stage 3

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton

The latest developments in Australian politics have stirred the public conversation as the “New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton.” This poll suggests that voters are not in favor of the Coalition’s stance on the tax cuts, potentially impacting the upcoming Dunkley by-election and the Coalition’s political strategy.

Key takeaways

  • 66% of Dunkley voters support Labor’s tax cut changes.
  • Liberal voters show over 25% support for Labor’s tax restructuring.
  • Labor leads with 52% in two-party preferred in Dunkley.
  • Stage 3 changes guarantee tax cuts for all taxpayers from July 1.
  • The Coalition has reluctantly supported the restructured tax cuts Bill.
The new poll indicates a significant shift in voter sentiment, favoring the Labor Party’s tax cut changes, which could influence the outcome of the Dunkley by-election and challenge Peter Dutton’s political position.

New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton

The “New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton” as the recent survey results show a strong public endorsement for the Labor Party’s approach to tax cuts. This support is particularly pronounced in the Dunkley electorate, where a significant majority of 66% back the changes proposed by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government. The Coalition’s narrative that Albanese is a promise-breaker seems to have lost traction among voters.

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Coalition’s Reluctant Support for Tax Bill

Despite a fortnight of criticism, the Coalition has given in to the pressure and backed the government’s restructured tax cuts Bill. This move comes after the “New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton,” revealing that the opposition’s strategy might not resonate with the electorate. The Coalition’s decision to support the Bill, however, does not align with their commitment to broad tax reform, as promised for the next federal election.

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Tax Bracket Old Rate New Rate
$18,200 – $45,000 19% 16%
$45,000 – $135,000 30% 30%
$135,000 – $190,000 37% (abolished) 37% (reintroduced)
Above $190,000 45% 45%

New stage 3 poll spells trouble for Dutton, casting a shadow over the Coalition’s prospects in the Dunkley by-election. With Labor holding a lead and the majority of voters supporting their tax cut changes, the political landscape appears to be shifting. As the nation watches, the outcome of this by-election may set the tone for future political battles and policy directions in Australia.


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