Officers Not Charged for Fatal Shooting at Incorrect Address in New Mexico

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 1 February, 2024
New Mexico Will Not Charge Officers Who Fatally Shot Man at Wrong Address

In a controversial decision, New Mexico Will Not Charge Officers Who Fatally Shot Man at Wrong Address. The incident, which took place last year, involved three police officers responding to a domestic violence call and resulted in the death of homeowner Robert Dotson. State officials have determined that no criminal charges are warranted.

Key takeaways

  • No charges for officers in New Mexico shooting.
  • Officers responded to the wrong address on a call.
  • Homeowner Robert Dotson was fatally shot.
  • Expert review concluded officers acted within policy.
  • Wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Dotson’s family.
The New Mexico Department of Justice has closed the case, stating that the officers involved in the shooting of Robert Dotson acted within the bounds of accepted police practices and will not face criminal charges.

Officers Cleared of Wrongdoing in Tragic Misstep

After a detailed investigation, including an expert review by former police officer and law professor Seth W. Stoughton, the New Mexico Department of Justice has concluded that the officers did not use excessive force. The report highlighted that the officers announced their presence before the fatal encounter with Dotson, who was armed and presented an imminent threat.

Dotson Family Devastated by the Outcome

The Dotson family, represented by Thomas M. Clark, is devastated by the state’s decision. They view the outcome as a disregard for the life of an innocent man killed at his own home due to a police error. The family’s lawyer emphasizes the fear and confusion Dotson must have felt when he encountered the officers.

Date of Incident Officers Involved Victim Expert Reviewer
April 5, 2023 Estrada, Goodluck, Wasson Robert Dotson Seth W. Stoughton

New Mexico Will Not Charge Officers Who Fatally Shot Man at Wrong Address, a decision that has sparked much debate. While the Department of Justice believes the officers acted within legal bounds, the Dotson family and their supporters are left grieving and seeking justice through a wrongful-death lawsuit. This case underscores the complexities and tragic potential of police work and the importance of accountability and procedural accuracy.


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