Recent Figures Show This Summer’s Extreme Heat Levels

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 28 January, 2024
New data reveals just how hot this summer has been

New data reveals just how hot this summer has been, marking a significant shift from the previous year’s climate patterns. The soaring temperatures and humidity levels have been particularly noticeable, with New Zealanders experiencing an unusually intense heatwave. This January, the nation felt the full force of summer’s scorch, with records being set and norms being toppled.

Key takeaways

  • Auckland’s daytime temperatures hit 27°C-30°C with tropical nights.
  • Wellington and Whanganui set new January temperature records.
  • Northwesterly winds pushed Christchurch and Hastings past 33°C.
  • Queenstown experienced a dramatic temperature drop within days.
The latest climate data underscores a significant upsurge in temperatures this summer, with New Zealand witnessing record-breaking heat and minimal relief during nighttime.

Record-Breaking Temperatures Across New Zealand

The recent climate data has highlighted an extraordinary period of heat for New Zealand. Cities like Auckland have seen the mercury rise consistently, with temperatures lingering in the high twenties and barely cooling after sundown. The warmth persisted through the night, offering little respite from the day’s heat. Wellington’s temperature surge to 29.6°C has rewritten the city’s January records, illustrating just how hot this summer has been.

Extreme Weather Events Signal Climate Variability

While the focus has been on the heat, New Zealand’s weather patterns have also been characterized by variability. Queenstown’s temperature swing from a comfortable 24.2°C to a near-freezing 2.8°C within 48 hours is a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the country’s climate. Such fluctuations pose challenges for both residents and policymakers as they adapt to these extremes.

City Daytime High (°C) Overnight Low (°C) Record Event
Auckland 27-30 20-21 Tropical Nights
Wellington 29.6 N/A January Record
Whanganui N/A 21 Warmest January Night
Christchurch 33.7 N/A Driven by Northwesterlies
Hastings 33.4 N/A Driven by Northwesterlies
Queenstown 24.2 to 2.8 2.8 Biggest Temp Swing

New data reveals just how hot this summer has been, with New Zealand grappling with the effects of an intense heatwave. The unprecedented temperatures have not only set new records but have also brought to light the increasing variability of the country’s climate. As communities across the nation continue to face these extreme weather conditions, the importance of understanding and adapting to our changing environment has never been clearer.


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