Australian Homes to Be Demolished Due to Subsiding Neighborhood

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
New Aussie homes set to be bulldozed in 'sinking suburb'

In an alarming development, new Aussie homes are set to be bulldozed in ‘sinking suburb’ due to severe structural issues. The affected area is the Jordan Springs neighborhood in Sydney’s west, where residents have been grappling with sinking foundations and cracked homes. Developer Lendlease has taken responsibility for the defects and plans to demolish 18 properties that fail to meet safety standards.

Key takeaways

  • 18 homes in Sydney’s Jordan Springs to be demolished due to major defects.
  • Issues include sinking foundations and serious structural cracks.
  • Lendlease to carry out the demolition, citing internal quality standards.
  • Residents offered compensation and buy-back options since 2020.
  • Demolition work to commence in February and conclude by year’s end.
The Jordan Springs East suburb in Sydney is facing a crisis as 18 homes are slated for demolition after being deemed structurally unsafe due to sinking and cracking issues.

Demolition Decision Shakes Jordan Springs Community

The decision to bulldoze the new Aussie homes in the ‘sinking suburb’ has sent shockwaves through the community. Lendlease’s move to demolish these homes is a response to the growing safety concerns. Residents have reported dramatic sinking, with one claiming the ground has dropped over a foot. The demolition is a drastic but necessary measure to ensure the safety of the neighborhood’s inhabitants.

Compensation Offers Little Solace to Affected Homeowners

While Lendlease’s compensation scheme offers some relief, the emotional toll on residents is significant. The scheme, which includes options for repair or buy-back, has led to the repurchase of 58 homes. Yet, the prospect of seeing one’s home bulldozed is a distressing reality for many. The company’s commitment to supporting residents through this ordeal is ongoing as they navigate this challenging situation.

Year Built Number of Homes Affected Compensation Scheme Initiated Homes Repurchased by Lendlease Homes Set for Demolition
2015 900+ 2020 58 18

New Aussie homes set to be bulldozed in ‘sinking suburb’ is a stark reminder of the importance of construction standards and oversight. The residents of Jordan Springs are facing a difficult future as they watch their homes being torn down. Lendlease’s commitment to rectifying the situation offers some comfort, but the loss of a home is an irreplaceable hardship. The community looks forward to a resolution and the rebuilding of their lives and homes on firmer ground.


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