Trial Reveals Vancouver Park Worker Killed with 59 Wounds

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Murdered Vancouver park caretaker had 59 injuries, trial hears

The recent trial has unveiled chilling details about the brutal attack on a Vancouver park caretaker. “Murdered Vancouver park caretaker had 59 injuries, trial hears,” highlighting the extent of violence Justis Daniel endured. The beloved community figure was found deceased in his Tatlow Park cottage, leading to the arrest of Brent Steven White for second-degree murder.

Key takeaways

  • Justis Daniel, a cherished caretaker, was found dead with 59 injuries.
  • Brent Steven White is accused of his second-degree murder.
  • Forensic evidence plays a pivotal role in the ongoing trial.
  • The community continues to mourn and honor Daniel’s memory.
  • The trial proceeds without a jury, with a judge presiding over the case.
The trial for the murder of Justis Daniel, a well-known Vancouver park caretaker, has revealed he suffered 59 injuries in a violent attack, with Brent Steven White standing accused.

Murdered Vancouver park caretaker

During the trial, Dr. Steven White, a forensic pathologist, testified about the severe injuries found on Justis Daniel’s body. The autopsy revealed “Murdered Vancouver park caretaker had 59 injuries,” including stab wounds and blunt-force trauma. The evidence pointed to a violent struggle, with Daniel sustaining multiple fractures in his face and a broken neck vertebrae.

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Community Remembers a Beloved Caretaker

Justis Daniel was a fixture in Tatlow Park for nearly three decades, known for his kindness and the treats he carried for pets. “Murdered Vancouver park caretaker had 59 injuries, trial hears,” a statement that has deeply affected the local community. Friends and neighbors have gathered to pay tribute and seek justice for a man they describe as strong and beautiful.

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Victim Justis Daniel
Age 77
Role Tatlow Park Caretaker
Accused Brent Steven White
Charges Second-Degree Murder
Injuries Reported 59
Trial Type Judge Alone, No Jury

“Murdered Vancouver park caretaker had 59 injuries, trial hears,” a statement that has sent shockwaves through the community. As the trial progresses, the focus remains on seeking justice for Justis Daniel and understanding the circumstances that led to such a tragic end for a man who served his community with dedication and warmth.


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