Mom Grateful to Survive Vicious Attack by XL Bully Dog

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Latchmere Recreation Ground dog attack

A terrifying incident unfolded at Latchmere Recreation Ground when a mother expressed her relief, stating she is “lucky to be alive” after an XL Bully launched an attack. The dog, reportedly an XL bully breed, was involved in an aggressive incident affecting local children.

Key takeaways

  • XL Bully dog attacks in Latchmere Recreation Ground.
  • Incident occurred around 11:30hrs on Friday, 2 February.
  • Mother involved in the incident claims a narrow escape.
  • Police and South West Safer Neighbourhoods Team responded.
  • Investigation underway; public urged to report sightings.
A mother narrowly escaped serious injury after an XL Bully dog attacked in a local park, prompting a police response and ongoing investigation.

Latchmere Recreation Ground dog attack: Community Shocked

The community is reeling after the shocking attack by an XL Bully dog in a usually peaceful local park. Sergeant Steve Hales from the South West Safer Neighbourhoods Team confirmed the police were alerted by a concerned citizen. The incident has raised questions about the safety of public spaces and responsible pet ownership.

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Authorities Urge Vigilance and Responsible Pet Handling

Following the incident, authorities are calling for increased vigilance in public areas. The mother involved, recounting her ordeal, said she is “lucky to be alive” after the XL Bully launched its attack. The police are now urging anyone with information to come forward to prevent further incidents.

Date of Incident Friday, 2 February
Time of Incident Approximately 11:30hrs
Location Latchmere Recreation Ground, SW11
Breed of Dog XL Bully
Response Team South West Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Status Investigation Ongoing

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The unfortunate dog attack at Latchmere Recreation Ground involving an XL Bully serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers lurking in public spaces. The mother’s anguished statement, “lucky to be alive,” emphasizes the seriousness of the incident and underscores the need for heightened community awareness. As the investigation into the Latchmere Recreation Ground dog attack progresses, anyone with relevant information is strongly encouraged to come forward and assist the authorities.


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