Scotland’s Health Secretary Resigns Over Costly iPad Data Scandal

Samar Esbr
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Michael Matheson quits as Scotland's health secretary after £11,000 iPad data bill scandal

Scottish Health Secretary’s resignation scandal Michael Matheson quits as health secretary after an £11,000 iPad data bill scandal surfaced, causing a stir in Scottish politics. The hefty bill, accrued during a family holiday, was initially charged to the public purse. Under pressure, Matheson admitted his sons used the iPad to watch football, leading to the exorbitant roaming charges. This revelation came just before a significant announcement on alcohol pricing in the Scottish Parliament, prompting his resignation to avoid further distraction.

Key takeaways

  • Michael Matheson resigned as Scotland’s health secretary over an £11,000 iPad data bill.
  • The bill was incurred when his sons used the iPad’s hotspot to watch football.
  • Matheson initially claimed the charges were for constituency work during a holiday.
  • He has paid back the full amount following public and political backlash.
Michael Matheson has stepped down from his position as Scotland’s health secretary following a scandal involving an £11,000 data bill on his official iPad, which he has since repaid in full.

Michael Matheson’s Resignation Follows Data Bill Controversy

Michael Matheson’s tenure as Scotland’s health secretary came to an abrupt end after it was revealed that a significant data bill had been racked up on his government-issued iPad. This incident has raised questions about personal use of government resources and the transparency of public officials. Matheson’s decision to resign aims to prevent the scandal from overshadowing the government’s work, especially amidst critical health policy discussions.

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Pressure Mounts as Matheson Accepts Responsibility

After initially deflecting the blame for the data charges, Matheson faced mounting pressure from opposition parties and the public. His admission that personal use by his family caused the charges shifted the narrative, leading to his resignation. The move was seen as a (necessary) step to uphold accountability and focus on the pressing issues facing Scotland’s healthcare system, rather than personal missteps.

Event Detail
Resignation Michael Matheson steps down as health secretary
Data Bill £11,000 incurred during a family holiday
Repayment Matheson repays the full amount after backlash
Political Impact Resignation comes before a major alcohol pricing announcement

Michael Matheson quits as Scotland’s health secretary after an £11,000 iPad data bill scandal, bringing an end to his role in the Scottish cabinet. His resignation underscores the importance of accountability in public office and the need for officials to maintain a clear separation between personal and public expenses. The incident has sparked discussions on the use of government-issued devices and the scrutiny of public spending, as Scotland’s government shifts focus back to its healthcare agenda.

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