Man Gets CPR After Falling from Building, Onlookers Stunned

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Man who fell from building given CPR in front of 'shocked' witnesses

A man who fell from a building was given CPR in front of shocked witnesses on Wavertree Road, Edge Hill. The incident occurred at around 7pm on Wednesday, February 7, when police officers patrolling the area provided immediate life-saving measures until paramedics arrived at the scene. The young man’s current condition remains undisclosed as investigations continue.

Key takeaways

  • Man in his 20s fell from a building in Edge Hill.
  • Police administered CPR until the arrival of paramedics.
  • Wavertree Road was closed for investigation and evidence collection.
  • The man’s condition is currently unknown, and inquiries are ongoing.
A man in his 20s received CPR from patrolling police officers after falling from a building on Wavertree Road, Edge Hill. His condition is yet to be confirmed as the investigation proceeds.

Witnesses Shocked by the Sudden Fall

Local residents were left in dismay as they witnessed the man, reportedly in his pyjamas, receiving emergency medical attention in the middle of the road. The presence of blood and medical equipment added to the gravity of the situation, highlighting the severity of the fall. Police and forensic teams worked to secure and document the scene, reflecting the seriousness of the incident.

Emergency Services Respond to Edge Hill Tragedy

Following the fall, emergency services, including police and paramedics, swiftly responded to the critical situation. The area was cordoned off, affecting traffic and local bus services, demonstrating the impact of the event on the community. Merseyside Police have issued a statement requesting patience from the public as they manage the ongoing situation.

Incident Details Response and Actions
Date and Time of Incident Wednesday, February 7, around 7pm
Location Wavertree Road, Edge Hill
Victim’s Age Man in his 20s
Emergency Services Police and Paramedics
Road Closure Wavertree Road closed in both directions
Bus Diversions Services 78, 79, and 79C diverted

The man who fell from a building and was given CPR by officers has yet to be identified, and his condition remains a concern for the Edge Hill community. As Wavertree Road reopens and life resumes its pace, the thoughts of many are with the young man and his family. The swift action of the police and the collective efforts of the emergency services underscore the critical nature of the incident. The community awaits further updates as the investigation into the cause of the fall continues.


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