Man and Dog Shot At, Nearly Hit Again in Brampton

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 28 January, 2024

In a shocking incident, a man walking his dog in Brampton was struck by gunfire, chased, and almost shot again, according to police. This harrowing event unfolded along the Etobicoke Creek Trail on a quiet afternoon, leaving the community shaken. The victim, who miraculously survived, faced a life-threatening ordeal that has since led to significant developments in the case.

Key takeaways

  • Attack occurred on Etobicoke Creek Trail, March 6, 2023.
  • Victim was shot at and chased; suspect’s gun malfunctioned.
  • Accomplice waited in a Ford F-150; the truck was later found abandoned.
  • Alleged shooter, Alexander Mills-Smith, has died.
  • Illia Ayo charged with attempted murder and related crimes.
The victim of the Brampton trail attack survived a shooting and a subsequent chase. Authorities have charged an accomplice, Illia Ayo, with attempted murder and other offenses.

Investigation Leads to Charges After Shooting

The Peel Regional Police have worked diligently since the day of the attack to piece together the events that led to the near-fatal encounter. After locating the abandoned Ford F-150, which is believed to have been used by the suspects, the police were able to make a significant breakthrough in the case. The victim’s resilience in the face of danger has been a critical element in the ongoing investigation.

Community and Police Seek Further Information

While one suspect’s demise has closed a chapter in this case, the police continue to seek information to ensure justice is fully served. The community has been urged to come forward with any details that could assist in the investigation. The charges against Illia Ayo mark a pivotal step in bringing closure to a case that has gripped the Brampton area.

Incident Date March 6, 2023
Location Etobicoke Creek Trail, Brampton
Victim’s Status Survived
Alleged Shooter Alexander Mills-Smith (Deceased)
Charged Accomplice Illia Ayo
Charges Attempted Murder, Other Related Crimes

The man walking his dog in Brampton who was struck by gunfire and then chased in a terrifying attack has seen justice begin to unfold. With the alleged shooter no longer alive, attention has turned to the accomplice, Illia Ayo, who now faces serious charges. The community, while relieved at the progress, remains vigilant and hopeful that further information will aid the police in their ongoing efforts to ensure safety and justice on Brampton’s trails.


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