Man Jailed for Involvement in Brazilian Human Trafficking Ring

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Man sentenced for role in Brazilian migrant sex scheme

In a significant legal development, a man has been sentenced for his role in a Brazilian migrant sex scheme. The Auckland District Court heard the case where Michael James Sloan admitted to aiding and abetting illegal sex workers in New Zealand.

Key takeaways

  • Michael James Sloan sentenced to 10 months home detention.
  • Sloan and co-defendant were booking agents for Brazilian sex workers.
  • Immigration New Zealand began investigation after anonymous tips in 2019.
  • Co-defendant’s sentencing scheduled for April.
  • Officials emphasize the importance of adhering to visa conditions.
Michael James Sloan has been sentenced to home detention for facilitating illegal work by Brazilian sex workers on temporary visas, highlighting immigration law enforcement in New Zealand.

Investigation Leads to Sentencing in Sex Worker Scheme

Following an investigation sparked by anonymous tips, the man sentenced for role in Brazilian migrant sex scheme, Michael James Sloan, faced the consequences of his actions. The court found that Sloan, along with an accomplice, played a pivotal role in the operation by arranging bookings and advertisements for the sex workers.

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The activities were conducted discreetly at various motels throughout the central North Island. This case underscores New Zealand’s commitment to upholding immigration laws and protecting the rights of migrants.

Visa Breach Highlights Risks to Vulnerable Migrants

The man sentenced for role in Brazilian migrant sex scheme was part of a larger issue concerning migrants’ vulnerability. James Friend from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment stressed that while there was no exploitation in this case, the breach of visa conditions could lead to potential exploitation.

Friend emphasized the importance of visa conditions, which are designed to protect migrants from being taken advantage of by employers or customers. The case serves as a reminder of the risks faced by those working illegally under temporary visas.

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Name Role Sentence
Michael James Sloan Aiding and abetting illegal sex workers 10 months home detention
Co-defendant Aiding and abetting illegal sex workers To be sentenced in April
James Friend National Manager Immigration Investigations

The man sentenced for role in Brazilian migrant sex scheme, Michael James Sloan, will serve his sentence under home detention, marking a clear message about the enforcement of immigration laws in New Zealand. This case serves as a warning to those considering similar illegal activities and underscores the importance of respecting visa conditions to protect migrants from potential exploitation.


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