Father and Daughter Killed in Fire, Man Faces Murder Charges

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Kerry house fire murder

Kerry house fire murders: A man has been apprehended and charged in connection with a tragic incident that occurred nearly a decade ago. The case, known as “Man charged with double murder over Kerry house fire that killed father and daughter,” involves the suspect, Philip Griffin, who is accused of the heinous crime that took the lives of Anthony O’Brien and his daughter, Nadine, in 2012.

Key takeaways

  • Philip Griffin charged with double murder and arson.
  • Arrest made following an arrest warrant issued last November.
  • Griffin to appear in court via video link on February 14.
  • Legal aid granted due to Griffin’s lack of income and residence.
  • No reporting restriction imposed despite DPP’s request.
Kerry house fire murders: Philip Griffin, 37, faces charges for the murder of Anthony O’Brien and his daughter, Nadine, as well as for arson, after a house fire in Kerry in 2012.

Kerry house fire murders: Details of the Arrest and Court Appearance

Philip Griffin was detained upon his arrival at Dublin Airport, based on a warrant from last year. In court, he chose to withhold his statement. Represented by solicitor Brendan Ahern, Griffin now awaits a custody hearing via video link, with legal aid secured due to his financial status.

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Legal Proceedings and Family Reactions

The request for anonymity for the victims was denied by the judge, citing media coverage that had already identified them. This decision unfolded in a courtroom filled with emotional family members, including the child’s mother, Kelly O’Brien.

Date of Incident Charges Next Court Appearance
2012 Double Murder, Arson February 14
Arrest Date Legal Representation Reporting Restrictions
February 7 Brendan Ahern None Imposed

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The investigation into the “Kerry house fire murders” has seen a major development with the recent arrest and charging of Philip Griffin. This news brings renewed hope for closure to the heartbreaking case, not only for the close-knit community of Tralee, but for the nation as a whole, as they follow the case unfold.


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