Traffic Jams on Dublin’s M50 Due to Intense Rainfall

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Long delays on Dublin’s M50 amid heavy downpours

Commuters in Dublin are facing traffic Jams on Dublin’s M50 Due to Intense Rainfall this morning. The inclement weather has significantly impacted traffic flow, causing disruptions across several major routes. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and to expect extended travel times.

Key takeaways

  • Crash on Ballinteer Avenue prompts road closure and diversions.
  • M1 experiences heavy delays between Junction 6 and Junction 4, Donabate.
  • M3 traffic builds up starting at Junction 4, Clonee.
  • One-hour travel time on M4 from Junction 8, Kilcock, to Junction 3, Lucan.
  • M7 bumper to bumper from Junction 9, Naas North, to the M50.
  • Beaumont/Whitehall area reports extremely heavy traffic.
  • Status yellow rain warning issued for Dublin, with risks of localized flooding.
Heavy rainfall in Dublin has led to long delays on the M50, with traffic congestion reported on multiple motorways. Commuters should plan for longer journey times and consider alternative routes if possible.

Travel Disruptions Escalate as Rain Pounds Dublin

The situation on Ballinteer Avenue near Grange Road has been exacerbated by a crash, resulting in the closure of the road. Local authorities have set up diversions to mitigate the impact on traffic. However, the long delays on Dublin’s M50 amid heavy downpours are causing a ripple effect, slowing down alternative routes and contributing to the gridlock.

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Commuters Face Tough Conditions on Key Motorways

As the downpour continues, the M50 is not the only motorway affected. The M1, M3, M4, and M7 are all experiencing severe delays. Commuters report that what is typically a quick drive has turned into an arduous journey, with some travelers on the M4 facing an hour-long delay from Kilcock to Lucan.

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Motorway Area Delay
M50 Entire stretch Long delays
M1 Junction 6 to Junction 4 Heavy delays
M3 Junction 4, Clonee Queue forming
M4 Junction 8 to Junction 3 Very slow, 1-hour travel
M7 Junction 9 to M50 Bumper to bumper

Traffic Jams on Dublin’s M50 Due to Intense Rainfall have today caused significant disruptions for drivers throughout the city. With the adverse weather conditions expected to continue, motorists are urged to remain vigilant, allow for extra travel time, and stay updated on traffic developments. Safety should be the top priority as the city weathers this stormy period.


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