Dangerous Rain and Floods Expected to Hit State Hard

Suzy Motrajy
Published 4 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily NSW floods

‘Life-threatening’ rain, floods to smash state as Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily NSW floods moves southward, bringing heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding to New South Wales (NSW). The Bureau of Meteorology has issued severe weather warnings, with the storm system expected to impact the Upper Western region and beyond.

Key takeaways

  • Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily NSW floods to cause severe weather in NSW.
  • Flash flooding and damaging winds are significant concerns.
  • Residents advised to avoid floodwaters and heed SES warnings.
  • Major flood warnings in place for several Queensland rivers.
Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily is set to bring ‘life-threatening’ rain and floods across NSW, with heavy rainfall and flash flooding expected as the system tracks south-southeast.

Severe Weather Warning Issued for NSW

As ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily advances, NSW braces for ‘life-threatening’ rain, floods to smash state. The Bureau of Meteorology warns of heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding in western and central NSW. Damaging winds are also forecast, with gusts exceeding 90km/h in certain areas. The system is predicted to affect the interior of NSW, including Canberra and Sydney, by Tuesday.

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Flash Flooding and Wind Gusts Threaten Safety

‘Life-threatening’ rain, floods to smash state as the remnants of Kirrily carry the risk of dangerous flash flooding and damaging wind gusts. Weatherzone echoes concerns for the potential of severe weather conditions. NSW’s State Emergency Service underscores the importance of avoiding floodwaters and staying clear of hazards, emphasizing the increased risk in fire-affected regions prone to landslides.

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Region Rainfall Forecast Wind Gusts Warnings
Upper Western NSW 50mm-80mm (6-hourly) Up to 90km/h Flash flooding
Central NSW 70mm-100mm (24-hourly) 60km/h-70km/h Severe weather
Southeast NSW Varies Varies Flash flooding, landslides

As ‘life-threatening’ rain, floods to smash state loom over NSW, communities are urged to prepare for the impact of Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily NSW floods. The system is expected to deliver severe rain and possible flash flooding, with the Bureau of Meteorology and emergency services providing ongoing updates and safety advice.


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